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67 62. That's 803 05 67 62 k. LBJ News. Time is now 8 30. Good morning on Mark Caesar. Hurricane Laura is now a category two storm still very dangerous. It's 80 miles southeast of Shreveport, moving to the north Northwest when guys still well above 100 MPH. It made landfall around 1 A.m. in the Lake Charles area with 150 mile per hour wind gust and a storm surge of 20. FT. Jordan Bloodsworth of the Louisiana Cajun Navy says they're just getting started on assessing damage from the videos have seen its Pretty devastating but winds came through and Did their damage. Not a whole lot on the water side of things yet, But there are some areas that we know did flood and we may need Go assist those law enforcement to help get people out. Vice President Mike Pence was the headliner at the GOP convention, where Joe Biden sees American darkness. We see American greatness that from the vice president, who spoke at Fort McHenry in Baltimore, saying the country needs a president who believes in America who believes in the boundless capacity of the American people. To meet any challenge. Defeat any phone. Second lady Karen Pence praise frontline workers in the battle against Corona virus, grocery and delivery workers and farmers and so many others. He rose All President Trump and the 1st and 2nd Ladies joint pins of the conclusion of his speech capping off night three. Rachel Sutherland boxes last night, More people were in the streets of Kenosha, Wisconsin. Things were quieter in Kenosha last night with an increased presence of Wisconsin National Guard soldiers and following the deaths of two rioters the night before, for which in Illinois teenager 17 year old Kyle Riton house now awaits extradition to Wisconsin on charges of murder. Rittenhouse was reportedly protecting businesses during a third night of widespread violence, though there's also video of the shootings that some say could make a good case of self defense. Jeff Man. Also Fox News. A rule change by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission could help bar owners change allows bars to reopen his restaurants by removing the requirement that bars have commercial cooking equipment, and it also allows things like food truck sales to be included in the equation, Texas Restaurant Association CEO Emily Night, Williams says it's great news, but bars have to play by the rules of this will all be for not he had 3% violations across an entire state. That's extraordinary. That compliance must remain more than 5300 bars have had to close in Texas. And right now the state is fast tracking these new applications. Patrick Osborne, NewsRadio kale. BJ BD. Riley's is closing for good after 20 years operating as an Irish pub on East Sixth, The Austin Business Journal reports BD. Riley's hosted over 8000 Live music performances over those 20 years. 8 33 K O B. J. Here's Austin's on time traffic with Melinda Brandt. We continue to see slow traffic conditions on 35 at North found in between William Cannon and Cesar Chavez, thanks to an early Iraq over on 1 83 North bound approaching 35. We've got a collision there that is causing the slight delay. Also rack until 1 30 South on approaching Elroy Road and Northland at Moe Pack. Your next reports at 8 45 a Melinda Brant with.

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