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Hick's concluded that the high content of vitamin b in vegemite meant that it should be in soldiers ration packs world war two posters red vegemite keeping fighting men fighting fit wartime vegemite came in theory sizes platoon size of seven pound quote yeah eight ounce individual tins an half an ounce for the soldier behind enemy lines oh my goodness never want to be without your vegemite the girls certainly not um also thinks to the war marmite once again became largely unavailable in australia which only helped vegemite growth the same year the british medical association gave vegemite their stamp of approval as at nutritious balanced vitamin b packed food they even printed advertisements for it in their own magazines doctor recommended it to their patients even the baby wounds saul yeah uh well i guess the army wrought so much of this stuff that it led to a civilian shortage and calls the army to print ads like this one but you might fights at the men up north if you're one of those who don't need vegemite medicinally than thousands of invalids are asking you to deny yourself of it for the time being it's not too catchy but it does the job it's no limerick but it's embarrassing yes win at zero callister died in 1949 the past and future prime minister robert menzies attended his funeral home by the time ruled were too drew to a close vegemite was an australian staple 1954 ad campaign further seal the deal featuring a group of happy healthy kids singing what must have been a major air worm of a jingle called the happy little vegemite s that went as follows.

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