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When someone watch the news. They want someone they can trust our job is to cut through the talking points. Martha McCallum we're going to ask the tough questions because there's a lot of conventional wisdom out there that needs to be challenged, Shannon. Bream what I'm doing is making sure that whatever is developed through the day. People are fully informed from coast to coast. We're twenty four seven news. But really down to the minute. We're going to be fearless. We're going to be fair. Whether it's a midnight for their. Fox News channel real news. Real honest opinion. Authorities say kidnapping victim. Jamie class will need time to heal. She was found alive. Thursday after missing for three months. A twenty one year old suspect arrested shortly after her rescue. We have had Jamie's phone James and the whole entire time. Cincinnati of the incident, so we had digitally, analyzed all of their data already. This named did not come up in any of their data are ready. So we don't believe that. There was any digital footprint to connect Jamie to the suspect. The sheriff investigating the case the suspect accused of fatally shooting both of classes parents before the kidnapping James Thomas Paterson facing charges of kidnapping and first degree murderer move over. Uber. Make way for renovate the veterans city has launched a goat fund me campaign with a goal of raising thirty thousand dollars to pay for herds of goats to help clear overgrown brush, the campaigns website explains it because it takes time to get grant funds. The town needs money now since ranchers already rented out there herds to other cities for the rest of the year heard cost between five hundred and fifteen hundred dollars an acre and a couple hundred goats Commanche in an acre of overgrown brush, daily, the better cities, less than fifty miles from the town of paradise which was decimated by that deadly. Wildfire last year. Joe Chiro, Fox News, celebrating the Clemson Tigers..

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