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Has passed away illegal police Chief George Crawl. The gunman was shot and injured Americans listening to Fox News Lady. Three. W Why PC Mobile news on the level on the go police are chasing and wide skies were clear the radar spotless and it's 27 degrees on Monument Circle feels like 21 with the wind Chill. I'm Sean Herrick. Here's what's trending at 60 to a shooting inside Circles Center mall on Monday happened. Outside of jewelry store at this time, we believe it. We're searching for two suspects that being the person that was initially inside of the store and also the suspect that fired the shot. I MPD Officer William Young says No customers or employees in the mall were hurt, and he believes the thief was trying to steal necklaces. They believe the thief does have a gunshot wound as well. Ah person also shot early this morning and walked into Community East Hospital, which is on the east side of indie. That person is stable and expected to survive, But police are trying to get more information from the victor. Him about who may have pulled the trigger. Tonight is the state of the state address given by Indiana governor Eric Holcomb. It's supposed to begin at seven o'clock and be done virtually because of the pandemic. The governor's speech is supposed to last around 30 minutes, the statewide average for gas this morning to 34 a gallon, says gas buddy. That's down a couple of cents from where it was Monday. The average is also to 34 in Indianapolis. The high school boys basketball state finals will be a week later than usual this year. Rob Con. It explains why, with India now hosting all the March Madness games, that means bankers life Fieldhouse will already be occupied on March 27th the day the boys basketball State finals were supposed to be played. So the eye just a is just moving it back Week to Saturday, April 3rd the first three rounds of the postseason, sectional regional Assembly state will remain the same. It just means that the boys basketball teams that make it to state this year Going an extra week to prepare..

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