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Screaming. My friends and I were freaking out and we were hiding in the Corner of our classroom. Kristen Knighting, a teacher, confirming to ABC news that she's the one who authorities say disarmed the shooter and detained her until police arrived. Three people, two students and a custodian were injured in rushed to the hospital, like everyone was like crying. They're having their parents. The lockdown teachers switching off lights, computers shut down. Students lining the walls until they could leave to reunite with their parents. Me and my friends were like, oh, crying and fixing our moms and saying that what is going on right now? We were all very scared. Baby sees Will Car and Idaho Falls, Idaho In South Carolina, a group of elementary school Children were terrorized by an army trainee who hijacked their school bus. It happened Thursday near Port Jackson, ABC. Stevo Since Tommy with one authorities were saying about the harrowing ordeal A South Carolina sheriff is releasing a portion of the surveillance video showing how an army trainee hijacked a school bus with 18 Children inside who were on their way to classes. That is just a few seconds of the six minutes. That these kids and the bus driver Very traumatized and feared their life. The 23 year old is seen in his army training uniforms with an army issued rifle, forcing his way onto the bus and pointing the gun at the driver. Police are identifying him as Jovon Collazo and say he was trying to leave the military and wanted the bus driver to get him to the next town so he could get home to New Jersey. The kids were asking questions. Are you a soldier? Are you gonna hurt us? Are you gonna hurt the bus driver? 10 year old key. Andre James is on the bus, calling his parents call Mom. There is I'll sell and it'll always be your hostage. At one point, the fourth grader felt that he had to hide his phone. He didn't text back, so that's just when I just went in a panic move. Sheriff says that after several minutes, the 23 year old stopped the bus. And let the bus driver and kids get off. Police arrested him shortly after Collazo is now charged with 19 counts of kidnapping, armed robbery, Carjacking and more. He had only been in basic training for three weeks and one it out. His commander says they don't believe he intended to hurt anyone. Officials at Fort Jackson issued an apology to the community. They said the suspects rifle was not loaded. But there is no way the Children or the bus driver would have known that moving overseas to Italy, where two Americans in their early twenties could spend the rest of their lives in prison. 21 year old Finnigan Lee elder and 20 year old Gabriel Natali were convicted of attempted extortion and murdering a police officer. They were each given a life sentence. It all started in 2019 with a drug deal gone bad. ABC is Maggie really takes it from there. During the trial, Finnigan Elder told the court that the police never identified themselves I didn't even say police here. But I'm not amputate ability to which sounds like the English word police. The case dominating headlines in Italy. The officer had just been married a month before his wife attending every day in court there tonight, holding on tight to his photo. Both men are expected to appeal. Back here in the U. S. We expected to learn this week whether President Trump will be allowed back on Facebook. But Wednesday's decision by an oversight board provided little clarity details from a B C's Elizabeth Scholesy the oversight boards as former president Trump's suspension from Facebook and Instagram should stay in place. But it also says Facebook was wrong to impose an indefinite ban on the former president in the wake of the January six Capitol attack. In a statement, Facebook says it's clear it made the right choice to remove Trump's accounts for his comments, inciting Violence and spreading misinformation. But the oversight board's decision puts Facebook in charge of deciding within six months how long the band will stay in place. The company says Trump's accounts will stay suspended until that decision is made. In a statement, Trump said. What Facebook, Twitter and Google have done is a quote. Total disgrace. Liz officials, the ABC News Washington and a moving scene in Philadelphia this week after years apart, some migrant families separated by the Trump administration are together once again. ABC News chief. White House correspondent Cecilia Vega has their stories. Three years, seven months and 13 days after this mother last saw her sons. They are a family reunited there among the thousands of parents and Children forcibly separated under the.

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