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A people in the streets people threes their takeovers there are checkpoints there are demonstrations people are also being killed assassinated by the repressive apparatus as the state there is a massive protest of society because of the lack of transparency in the electoral system the political crisis continues in honduras says the government still refusing to release the results of the november twenty six presidential election that pits us backed president juan orlando hernandez against opposition candidates salvador nassrallah massive protests erupted after the governmentcontrolled electoral commission stop tallying votes when the count showed nassrallah ahead we'll speak with former honduran president manuel salaya who was ousted in a two thousand nine us factor who he now heads the opposition labour party part of the coalition alliance against the dictatorship there's no democracy here there's no law here we are suffering repression here people are being persecuted there human rights violations days there every day there's no due process there's nothing since the coup baitadi united states this done what it wants with this country they changed all the law as president for life and a democracy now explicit then the dangerous case donald trump psychiatrist and mental health experts assessed a precedent we'll speak with forensic psychiatrist dr brandy lay organizer of the yell duty to warn conference all that and more coming up welcome to democracy now democracy noworg the warren piece report amy goodman in california nearly two hundred thousand people have been forced to evacuate as drought field wildfires tear across southern california climate experts say the intensity of the winter blazes is linked to climate change the fires caused the intermittent shutdown of the 101 and 405 freeways nearly one hundred fifty thousand acres have been scorched so far by fires authorities have warned residents to stay inside because of the dangerous airquality caused by smoke and cancerous ash from the fires but a number of forms have stayed open sparking concerns farm workers are laboring in hazardous conditions without proper equipment on wednesday volunteers handing out free protective masks to farm workers say they were kicked off some farms despite the fact that pickers were asking for.

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