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Which someone has like a forty seven year old woman. I feel like I've been repeating myself on morning, but someone who is as old as she is who is a smartest. She is who has lived in this country for as long as she is should know that black face, always bad know, Amitav minstrel show. She liked taught herself. And when she apologized the audience gave her a standing ovation. We're like applauding her ignorance. And like, oh, the fact that she finally learned when she was forty seven whatever she's fired. What sucks is that Meghan? Kelly is going to be fine. Megan Kelly is going to get a book deal Meghan Kelly has to get paid out on the remains of a million dollars. She's a seventy millionaire they have to pay. According to the reports the early reports that we've seen making Kelly still has to be compensated for everything they haven't paid her yet. And I saw this Daily Mail got the pettiest angriest NBC executive to talk to them anonymously an NBC executive knowledge of the situation tells Daily Mail, quote, Meghan Kelly is done. She is not ever coming back. We are just working out timing of the announcement. But Mark my words she is gone, and we'll never be seen on NBC live. Again, the source. Then added quote, here's the worst part. Her deal is a non break deal. So she walks away with all that money gusting. I mean, it's disgusting and heads should roll. Here because of it but heads won't roll. No part of me may well heart of me is like it's. Part of me is like it's really funny that she doesn't have to do our job and get seventy million dollars. But also part of me is like these exempts were waiting for any excuse to fire her for her own fault. Like seventy million dollars is drop in a bucket to them. They're not worried that's not their budget. You know, like they're just like how do we get? This woman off TV we don't want to make this show anymore. So it's kind of a win win. Unfortunately, she doesn't lose. I mean, she's already she's been through the wringer in terms of like she now people are like men, Kelly, racists like what's going on here. But honestly, like she gets away with with murder getting this money, and then they get to get her gone. It's kind of this weird. Like, no thing, you know. I hope she learns. I mean who even she's not getting a show again. She's not going to learn you. Don't learn she's not gonna learn. Let's let's move on. Okay. Lindsay. I'm beside myself. What happened did you know that less than two percent of pets in the United States have medical insurance? So that is a no no, you gotta have insurance for your pets. They'll bankrupt. You those I notes an unexpected Bill can cost thousands. I recently had a scare add to take one of my cats the vet. And I was like so nervous at something was going to go wrong because I didn't have insurance. And I was like oh my God. What's wrong? It turns out. He just ate a plant that he wasn't supposed to eat. Any Barth it up? Literally, a cat could do anything and just die. I'm sorry. Okay. Trigger? Okay. Don't say that likes. But yet, it's very scary. You're right. Literally, a cat could do anything and just die. It's very scary. But fortunately trupanion exists. They are medical insurance that helps protect your pet and your finances. So if you're picking sicker injured troops pay up to ninety percent of the Bill, which is huge they can even pay your bet directly..

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