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Pay for all this so we have ninety companies that pay us membership fee to join the consortium and then because it's all coming into one pot i can distribute the funds to our faculty and students and they don't have to write grant proposals and you don't have to ask for permission they just make things do any of these companies lean on you from time to time and say hey we need some product here they do i fire companies for that you fired them yeah i've told companies your bottom line oriented maybe we're not right for you the sponsors which include lego the toy maker toshiba exxon mobil and general electric get first crack at inventions the lab holds three hundred and two patents and counting we're inside of the lab we have porpoise idea is so big it doesn't fit in the building so mit donated the site of an abandoned particle accelerator for this trained architect who is now building farms welcome to the farm he calls these food computers farms where conditions are perfect they're all capable of controlling climate so they make a recipe this much co two this much to this temperature so we create a world in a box most people understand if you say oh the tomatoes and tuscany on the north slope tastes oh good and you can't get them anywhere else that's those genetics under those conditions that caused that beautiful tomato so we study that inside of these boxes with sensors and the ability to control climate toshiko unibox tuscany box napa in a box bordeaux in a box you know these are plants growing in air oh in the field the uncommon growth of the media lab flows from its refusal to be bound to goals contracts or next quarter's prophets it is simply a ship of exploration going wherever a crazy idea may lead we get to think about the future what does the world look like ten years twenty years thirty s what should it look like they're the best way to predict the future is to invent it you could watch sixty minutes on kpi ex wife and you can hear sixty minutes on kcbs sixty minutes every sunday.

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