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Symptoms of depression and because exercise raises serotonin levels in your brain it boosts your mood and overall sense of well being it can also help you to get a good night of sleep so how much walking do you need well that's up for debate but some experts say twenty to thirty minutes most days of the week Joan Jones WTOP news so is the coronavirus keeping you up at night remember that anxiety is very common especially when you're in the big getting of a pandemic and you don't know what's going to happen so it's not so bad to lose a little sleep says the chair of psychiatry at medstar Washington hospital center Dr Elspeth Cameron Ritchie not boring about insomnia in itself will help you if you're so determined that get a good night's sleep that you live there in panic because he can't get it that's counterproductive instead she says get up for twenty or thirty minutes an hour Max read something uplifting and breathe take ten deep breaths through your nose or do another type of meditative breathing that's very helpful Kristy king WTOP news sports at fifteen and forty five brought to you by your local Honda dealer don't settle for less than a Honda ten forty five years Christiane Redskins VP of player personnel Kyle Smith described the team's third round pick Antonio Gibson out of Memphis as a Swiss army knife was playing a little bit a wide receiver and running back at Memphis so he's a return specialist good hands he's is two hundred twenty eight pounds he ran fast please fast he's got physicality to just one selection for Washington last night five today with two picks in the fourth round but back to Gibson well he only touched the football seventy seven times on offense in two years at Memphis he broke thirty three tackles and ran a four three nine forty at the combine Gibson spoke on a conference call after being selected last night and talked about what his main goal is now much of a Rochester man go for me so if this person to use when I get in first on that's what I would do and that's what I'm focused on is helping out in the back to back to learn a lot from on agent fees and also guys speaking of running backs the ravens drafted Ohio state's JK Dobbins with their second round pick Baltimore with three additional picks this afternoon I'm Christiane WTP sports still ahead discussions about re opening in Maryland and Virginia ten forty seven welcome to the Asbury minute brought to you by Asbury Methodist village Montgomery county's leading senior living community the topic today as very strong the value of community has never been more evident we are a resilient bunch and a source of support inspiration and friendship we are resolved to maintaining a healthy and safe environment together all residents and associates are working within the strict boundaries of physical distancing to remain in touch and engaged the entire Asbury team is focused on helping to brighten residents lives and ensure our community safety during these challenging times we ask you to help your older neighbors want their dogs pick them up some groceries we are all in this together things will eventually.

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