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Right. If you want some of his fine hair out of his out of his head right now. Rafael Devers with a pinch hit RBI single up the middle the dodgers, which led four nothing at the end of six innings now trail in the ninth. Five four Denver's with a pinch hit single up. The middle had a run batted in and Mitch Moreland in the seventh inning into three run pinch hit home run off a Ryan Madson that made it four three dodgers. But again bullpen issues for the dodgers all night long. Steve Pearce also hit a solo shot off a Canley Johnson. And the eighth inning. Track record a six out saving could not do. So so again Red Sox leading the series two games to one. And now lead in the ninth with two out in one on its second base to on now. Five four Red Sox in the ninth inning. Meanwhile, switching over to college football Washington state with a big w they win in Palo Alto and beat Stanford forty-one to thirty eight NC state trail throughout and could not come from behind. Syracuse get some fifty one of forty one navy gets hammered by Notre Dame forty four twenty two and Texas which was down seventeen at one point. Now only down by three to Oklahoma state thirty one twenty eight Cowboys under six minutes to play in the fourth quarter shockingly in the desert Arizona's actually winning a football game. They're being nineteenth ranked Oregon thirteen to nothing Cleveland's eight six four hundred eighty seven yards and a TD has not thrown multiple. I teased just yet. Guys, NBA talk real quick Lakers. They fall in San Antonio went ten to one oh, six LeBron James at thirty five in a losing cosmic demar derozan. Had thirty twelve and eight as his stat line for the night. Damian Lillard had forty two points for Portland, but they lose in Miami. One twenty to one eleven the seventy Sixers get by the Hornets one five to one or three Joel Embiid, twenty-seven points, fourteen rebounds, and two assists. Guys Keller Murray's the best player in the country..

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