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Stuart, the beau ideal of the confederacy at the tongue, Jeb Stuart had twenty five hundred men, he plants himself between Sheridan and the capital and the battle is to the death much like two nights, meeting, emit, evil tires Sheridan. And Stuart this scene is a piece of the enormous success of a new book terrible swift sword. The life of General Philip h Sheridan by Joseph. We learned the success. Yes, here is that it's not romance. It's gory. It's massively violent, and you can see that the civil war is not about state policy. It's about men demand murder, and that's what happens this day as Sheridan rides towards Richmond. Joseph of very good evening to you. Congratulations. Jeb, Stuart and Phil Sheridan. Who are they at this point in the war may have eighteen sixty four good evening? Good evening, Jeb. Stuart was well known throughout the south and the north. He was the most famous cavalryman in the civil war at that point. Amazing raids at one point. He had encircle the union army during the peninsula campaign of eighteen sixty two. He dressed flamboyantly yet. Keep. Feather in his hat highly polished boots. Sheridan was more down to earth. He was a small man who wrote came from humble beginnings and rose quickly through the ranks of the union army, and taking charge of the cavalry. Coral is kind of a hard walkout fed at that point. Starting to get better. But in nearly every battle, Jeb Stuart's cavalry men had defeated them. So this was during grants. Big of, of, of may eighteen sixty four the overland campaign where a massive offensive with twenty thousand men, he crossed the rapid, Dan river steam down towards Richmond hoping to destroy army. Point in the battle shared and proposed that they just turn the cavalry corps loose down. And he said that he could defeat the southern cavalry and beat Jeb, Stuart quite a. Quite a statement to make at that time and grant, who liked Phil share aggressiveness. Said, well, go ahead and do it. And to, to take the cavalry corps ten thousand men, and they basically just marched down the main road toward Richmond. Very like it for miles an hour, hoping that Sheridan steward would see them in head head him off, so that they could do another words, they were going down there to make contact with the enemy, and, and kill as many as possible. That's right. And out front was a famous figure. Sometimes this is like an opera there only five characters in Joe and his name is Custer. He's leading the wolverines Michigan and they make contact with Stewart late in the day, and the, the fighting appears to be hand to hand. They flanked they charge. The cavalry corps is using Spencer, repeating rifles, which means that they could shoot at seven time up to twenty with before reloading much better than the single shot rifle. Nls or the pistols, and at very close quarters, you write a forty eight year old private in the in Custer's Michigan. Jonah huff. What happens, of course, Stewart was leading from the front has he always did when no one of the final attacks curve? He was on the left side of his position on horseback. Most of his men were dismounted. So he was a big target and. Was running by and he was a member of this special sharpshooter outfit before he joined the wolverines, and he turned in with this pistol, shot, Jeb Stuart in the side. He was dismounted huff was on foot and was on his horse shot him when he was on the run and Stewart slumped as saddle. And he's bleeding heavily and his men led the. His horse over under tree, and they helped him off and he was in very bad shape. He handed off command of his cavalry to Major General fitzhugh Lee, actually was a nephew, Robert. And then they took him down to Richmond. He died. The next day Sheridan, led the attack to rate into the outskirts of Richmond, he no, he couldn't hold it when the infantry showed up. But this is one of the moments that define Sheridan he is all aggression. He's a shark on land. And I find no explanation for this Joseph because he's born humbly March of eighteen thirty one. We're not even sure if he was born in New York America, or in, in Ireland in county cave-in. We can't be determined about that. No one knows. That's true. Yes, you know, he and his mother variously claimed Albany, New York, and Hieaux. But there is a stone Mark marker and county cave in Ireland, saying outside of the house thing. This is the birthplace. Phil sheridan. So it's probably very likely. That's where he was born there. No documents in New York or in Ohio stating that he was born in either place back in, you have to remember in eighteen forty eight which is when he entered West Point. And he gave his birthplace. He gets an appointment from a congressman and Ohio. Yes. Go ahead. Joe? He had to tell his birthplace and. The Irish were very much being. They were very much denigrated at that point because of the flood of immigrants coming over because of the potato famine. So Sheridan thought that would be one less. This is what I think, he, he figured that, that was one less strike against. You could just saves born in America, rather than go to West Point where they had a very impressive caste system and say that he's from Ireland. So I think that's why did he is in the cla-. He joins an eighteen forty eight the West Point on, on the Hudson and he throws himself in his studies. He's not a perfect or good student. He's determined. He's vigilant about being a student, but all around him, Joe in the reading of your book, I could just see the parade grounds at West Point, we were surrounded by the young men, who would become the generals and off. Fishers, and dead men of the civil war on both sides. That's right. Yeah. He was in a class with a number of others that fought on both sides over generals during the civil war. He was originally in the classic fifty two. He got kicked out for misbehavior for fighting and came back in the classic fifty three. So he was with crook and mccook and McPherson and hood and Scofield and Tara. Let's tell the Terrel story who is William Terrill in what happens. Tara was in, in Sheridan's eighteen fifty two class and he's Virginian so he's, he's very he's very high falutin in the class. Hi cast at West Point. Anyway, he was the drill master and this one day, and he kept he kept correcting Sheridan to, to realign themselves and everything chaired as being picked on, and he just blew up and he charged with a cry and occurs. He charge Terrel with his rifle and bayonet ready to impale and at the last minute at the. Recovered himself and went back and ranks calling out curses to them then they met later that day and they got an fistfight. Sheridan, who small did not do very well, but not only in the fist fight in the investigation of followed. And so he was suspended for year, and he had to go home. That's why he was kicked out and he came back in the class of fifty three. He graduates West Point he's assigned into the army as a bottom bottom officer breath, second Lieutenant, and I just note the romance of his life, he marries very well. But at this point at one point he sent out west and you make a note that he falls in love with a native American woman who is she she lived on this reservation in Oregon. Very beautiful woman, and it was not uncommon for army officers were.

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