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From the people stationed, v, but, oh, three that's Jonathan, Nelson or should I say Jason Nelson Bassani skull. Forever as we salute the musical legacy of the late of the Franklin right now go to Colo Reverend Jesse, Jackson Reverend. Jackson what are you remember most about your? Friend Aretha? Franklin Over fifty years really we kind of grew? Up together Reset with oh father singing. The. Songs so I almost never role She was blessed in addition Outstanding Call him. On she grew up at the staple singers and, bam cooking the sole steroids in that Walk into caravans A home field in that singers Also newer apple social activist beyond being a great saying that will say We were marching the sixty she was The protest I remember when I talked about all. The time Doc was on severe attack because NIA taken make. Payroll eleven cities above three along we. Raise the money for the calls Something out, set me like that we. Will be wouldn't Houston in that one Belafonte The stay on the on the stage flowers The in the fans evacuate she stood. Like champion and she sang the next night The game was killed she's saying principle drill Always, been there Jimmy and racial Justice Mandela rox uses has. Been there Reverend, Jackson in your words how? Should, Aretha be remembered outstanding inserted with Aretha was at once, the, best industrial music When it came to the amazing grease I'm Jay Director On the top gospel and jazz At the same Jackson thank you so much for joining me and for sharing your wonderful, memories of the Queen of soul Aretha Franklin on the, people stay shine v one zero three.

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