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Michael today's the day, I'm really looking forward to that was going to be in my big three's days, the day you meet with Ernie Anastas and Rosanna Scotto on Scotto at the cutting room though. Doing the cutting room though. I'm familiar with that venue must be great. Fifty people. Great. What's really night, first of all of our W O, our listeners coming gonna be twelve and today, the cutting room and all those people who want tickets are coming the boss told me that we had many, many many, many more requests than we were able to fill. So that's great. Excellent. Got your questions prepared. I'm working. Do you have any suggestions from your real journalist reduce paper journal, has news changed similar? Do we as news as zoos shades? That's a good. What do you find? The internet has sped up the new fast. I think those are pretty good questions. Don't you Natalie? And early. How did your teeth get so white? He has the whitest teeth of any person I've ever met when I go on his show. I mean Ernie has a million dollar smile. Smiles, you're blinded by the teeth. Yeah. I was going to say I'm going to vote, Ernie having the best smile in New York television hair. Here he has the record for pictures in Greek diner. Yes. Probably going anyplace occasionally. They'll, they'll post by picture somewhere like, you know, are used to take my mom to lunch. Long Island city wherever I happened to be lucky enough to be posted right next thirty. Everywhere he is ubiquitous Greek diners. The palm, I think early picture and every palm in the city I'm excited. I, I really like I really like Rosanna so we have a great event today. And those of you are coming, you know, you say Hello. Tell me how much you agree with me. And not Michael, one thing I would be curious to ask them, though. I probably should be doing this panel. Now, I think about it, you know, but one thing I'd be curious. I wonder if it bothers. A traditional news man, Laker, any that it's so clear now that most news outlets have done away with objective journalism, and they're taking sides. I wonder if that bothers him who was trained really to deliver the new straight. You're with us. We with us today. We had on the air. Yeah. Yeah. So we got into the whole issue, Ernie came on with us last week. And we come up again today, but we got at the issue of real news, fake news. And he said, you know what that really doesn't apply the local newscasts? He was very proud of the local newscasts. He says, still balanced. Tell stories and it really not really. I don't you know, I the stations I watch. I don't know where they stand politically the people on the air local ones. Yeah, I don't know. And when they do the stories they seem to do them fairly, although you know, it's hard to tell me more, you know, I start to question my own values when I say, well, that was a fair report. And, and some of us that well, but they lean this way and why did they pick up that topic? I start to question everything now because of what's going on? But very proud of the fact. Local stations to seem to cover the local news fairly or the news in general. So one of the things that's changed, though. I think too, and it's happened in the national evening news broadcast used to tune in and you got, you got real news. Hard news, but over time they've gotten into these lifestyle stories, you know, the feely nice sweet little stories, and I think that diminishes the newscast, I wanna get what's going on in the world. Look at my friends on today's show and the other morning shows goofing around little bit. I'm a time when the today show is the go-to first hour for anyone in politics, Washington, a full hour of straight hard news. And now, you know, by the time seven forty rolls around at the fashion show, and they're cooking times jumping on a trampoline, there should be a rule. No cooking. So awkward that never to when they were aprons. Yeah. They've never prepped in a kitchen. Oh. Personal chef music listeners the they must do it because they must feel the viewers what that stuff. I don't mind the cooking segments with the chef. You know, they have a celebrity, chef great, just don't let the host cook along with them. I remember back when they started doing it. Some of the old anchor people the traditional news guys looked cute uncomfortable having to do a cookie. Stewart. Lately, you found the piece of video that we have no idea where this was because it showed up on YouTube. It was played on the British websites, but they say it happened in the US dad. You tell the story I think it's hilarious. So it's a very cute little kindergarten class and they're having their graduation. And the parents are there and they're playing the graduation theme under the teacher gives gets up. And she welcomes the parents and congratulates the kids. Well, here's what happened. So the kid is like he's there. The teacher says welcome yells out clear as they shut the F up. And then what was the second thing? You said when you say.

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