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Year old makaya as she waited for an ice cream. Keep it here on WTO for full details in the minutes ahead. 5 48. Time for traffic and weather on the 8s, here's Dave dildy. The latest in a series of crashes on I 66, eastbound east of one 23 oaks and as we've been mentioning, the express lanes are blocked one sideways. Another couple damaged in the left main lanes. Everybody shifts over far to the right. Single file eastbound east of one 23 on 66. It's been playing a few westbound westbound rubbernecking delays from the beltway across from the crash scene. Westbound west of chantilly on route 50 delays lead to a car crash in your stonecroft boulevard. That was blocking the right side. Beltway in Maryland and Virginia, no recent crashes, plenty of heavy traffic, 95 southbound slow, just south of the beltway in Springfield, down to the aka Kwan river in woodbridge. Volume delays in Maryland on two ten south of the beltway on two 70 northbound from Rockville toward Frederick. We had a crash north of 80 urbana last hour. That is clear. More recently, one reported northbound north of montrose road indications that one's going to be in the local lanes. 95 in Baltimore, Washington Parkway, slow stretches of traffic belt, way to beltway in a crash outside of burtonsville on one 98 reported near peach Orchard road In the district, outbound from the 11th street bridge on D.C. at interstate two 95 expect company and on three 95 to and from the 14th street bridge through southwest congestion without incident. Dave dildine WTO traffic. I'm back to storm team four. Let's check in with meteorologist Amelia Draper. Crazy out there on this Tuesday evening with overnight lows in the mid 30s to low 40s, a bit of a

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