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He is the executive editor of the Texas Tribune. He is Ross Ramsey. Ross ramsey. How are you today? My friend. Doing great. How are you, sir? I need to lay down on your political couch understand what's going on. The Texas legislature. It's all you down with the laugh a minute over here. Tell us let's just get out of the gates with this covered. It a little bit in the opening, but tell us your general thoughts on I know that you got a new piece up at ticks Tribune dog awarded but give us your thoughts on hell Seliger, Anna Lieutenant governor yet or seen anything like this Ross. I, you know, I've seen tips before, you know, they both, you know, they're both doing things that I've, you know, not seen Lieutenant governors or senators generally, do, you know, you have a Senator who's been sideways with the Lieutenant governor before the Lieutenant governor's top political guy. Alain late mover ran the campaign of gunning bitterly from mule shoe against Cal Seliger in the Republican primary last year as a pretty good sign if you're. Publican Senator that the Lieutenant governor is not happy with your work. Now, they both said those Cal celebrating Dan, Patrick said Patrick himself stayed out of that race, and you know, kind of hung it on Ellen blakemore, but still had the overtone of you know, the the Lieutenant governor's Maine's the little guys out in your opponent. And you start their Kellegher won that race got back into the Senate. So he's back and the question is how are things going with those two they had been warring before that race about celebrate the highest -cation committee where he was chairman and the speculation around Austin and around the Senate, frankly, was that Seliger was gonna lose the higher Ed chairmanship because he wasn't you know in line with what the Lieutenant governor wanted to do. So the Lieutenant governor taking away higher education was not a big surprise. It was. A bit of a surprise mild surprise that. He took Seliger all the way off of that committee. A definite surprise that. He took him off of the finance committee with rice the budget and surprise they took him off the education committee, partly because one of the things had been finding about was education funding specifically voucher. So, you know, there's a pile of things here, and you can say that when the Lieutenant governor did the committee assignments he was punishing Seliger. Now, it's not unusual for a Lieutenant governor to to do something like that. It's a little unusual for a Senator to say anything out loud, particularly in the media. But Celera did he told one of our reporters that, you know, he's not it was happy to have the culture committee and thought that was important to west Texas. But thought that the lose taking him off of finance was a disservice to the people in his district. The Lieutenant governor's office responded through spokeswoman and adviser to the Lieutenant governor who said, well, if he doesn't want agriculture if he doesn't think that's important. You know, would find somebody who does like it. Celebrate responded. You know, you were in the middle of this. 'cause he was talking through you at this point Seliger responded that it would I can't remember the phrase, you might introduce his her lips that his dairy and the Lieutenant governor responded to that by calling it a lewd remark and taking away his chairmanship of agriculture. So now, you have a Senator who has been completely defrocked in a Senate where the Lieutenant governor is a Republican needs every Republican vote on some issues and has now put one in jeopardy. So you could say that both of them have put themselves in kind of a pickle. So how does this question I've gotten what teen moms? Has Seliger made himself a larger figure or a smaller figure in the Senate at this point given how crucial his vote is. But today, he's a smaller figure, but it depends on what comes up and win. It comes up. You know today, you know, two days ago. He was a guy with a committee today. He's a guy without a committee. That's why the committee though Ross. I mean, I don't wanna get really is a commune. Well, it is. Yeah. Everything but. I think from where I speak and I'll talk RA guys today. An agriculture committee at the state level is just a committee..

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