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How you've navigated those waters? How you've kept it from making you hate real estate? Well, that comes down that your last point about not hate in the real estate. I had to buy something that was big enough to support my mission to support the why. It could retire my mom and retire myself if it was paid off. I kept that in my mind. I go back to that every single time I look at buying something. But for the management piece, I started out managing it myself. I had systems in place, which were helpful. I have a folio, which have your software to keep track of rent collection and 24/7 maintenance reports and keep track. We'll have books coming in. We have QuickBooks and stuff. I had systems in place that were helping me out. But when it came to making phone calls, tenants, they put in their maintenance requests that whatever time I'd give them a call up and say, hey, this is Cody, I'm going to be working on this right now. And in the beginning, I was doing everything myself. So on the non urgent stuff, I would drive over there. And I did it fixed, which was not a very good use of time. I recommend people just pay times worth more than you think. Then I just started hiring everything out. And so now I have a system where rents come in online through their online portal, and it's going to put an online maintenance request, something thumbs up. I've got a full-time employee, which goes through all the tax side to do. But in the beginning, I was there taking care of every little item. If circuits blew, I FaceTimed a family friend who had done electrical before. Do I put this wire here? It was that. And I've been shocked before. I've got electrocuted. I wasn't being smart. I was trying to take shortcuts. Don't do that either. Turn off the breaker. But I had to learn the hard way that there's a lot of work that goes into it. And your property is essentially your baby. And you can let it die and then you become what's called a slumlord..

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