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Okay, Rachel. Wow, that was a conversation. We just had. It was indeed a conversation. I think one of the key takeaways here is that these true crime tiktoks, subreddits, Instagram accounts, they are not going away. I mean, what could have been a learning moment seems to have largely convinced a large section of crime TikTok that they are, in fact, doing the right thing, or that there is a way to do this correctly when perhaps the question should be whether to do this at all. It felt almost like we were watching her develop a conscience in real time about the consequences of her actions over the past week. I think the thing we should remember and hopefully people in the true crime talk game will remember going forward is you and I don't know Gabby petito. We don't know whoever unfortunately the next person who's unfortunate death becomes a Gabby petito story. We don't know them either. So much of true crime talk is just projection. How much of ourselves we see in a stranger on the Internet? We aren't owed answers. And I think so much of, I mean, the most generous for you to true crime TikTok is that they are answering for a gap in policing. And perhaps the resources and time they spend devoted to parsing over what song Gabby petito was listening to on Spotify, could instead be devoted to pushing police departments to actually solve violent crimes rather than spending all their time on broken windows policing. I think that's a really good place to end Rachel. We don't deserve answers to any of these stories. The only thing that is deserved is justice for someone like Gabby petito. Okay, that's the show. We'll be back in your feet on Saturday. So definitely subscribe. It's free and the best way to make sure you never miss an episode and never miss a moment of me torturing Rachel with puns. Check out our show and some of your other Slade favorites in our stay curious collection on Amazon music and also follow us on Twitter at ICU IMI pod or email us. We are at I see why am I at slate dot com. And we really

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