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There you need to March to the left hand side with a crash on eastbound wanna Grove road just east of farm road add to cart question view of them on south on highland at central and a wreck working on north down the mall right American weight which I think your it's easier to change the world than you think sponsor a child in extreme poverty with compassion international and you will change the world for that child just text the word child eight three three nine three to sponsor right now weather update this is chief meteorologist Joe we sold back mild and breezy outside temperature right now sixty three degrees and winds are gusting up to almost thirty miles per hour tonight we stay very warm overnight low will only drop to fifty nine degrees we will begin to see showers fall overnight and early into Friday and on Friday a warm daytime high near seventy and scattered showers and storms moving in this all built into early Saturday morning threats of heavy rain and damaging winds are approaching I'll have the very latest on timing and impact join me on fox thirteen news at five and six I'm Jim just go with your money now the December jobs report out tomorrow morning is expected to confirm that the US economy closed out the year on a solid note economists generally expect that the labor department's report will show that one hundred sixty four thousand new non farm jobs were created last month with the unemployment rate likely to held steady at historically low three and a half percent analysts say that this and other recent data paint a picture of an economy that's still growing though at a slightly slower rate stocks are solidly higher near the close and seen boys tonight more fresh closing highs the Dow industrials up more than two hundred points the nasdaq composite has gained sixty five the S. and P. five hundred up nineteen over has retooled the way it calculates some fares in California to give drivers for the ride hailing company a way to earn more part of its response to the state's new gig economy law the changes are part.

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