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At the Coast this morning will spread inland this afternoon with highs today near 91 hit 79 degrees at news radio w Fella. He was an obsessed stalker who took his obsessions to a dangerous level. That's the assessment of the Hillsborough sheriff's Office about an accused stalker who's charged with trying to kidnap a W W e wrestler at a home in loot. South Carolina man's accused of showing up with duct tape, Plastic ZIP ties and mace at the home of Sonia Deville. Deputies arrested 24 year old Phillip Thomas at a home in this Loots neighborhood that the wrestler owns, according to property records. Deputies say Thomas drove from South Carolina to Florida with the intention of holding her hostage. Investigators say he's implying the crime for more than eight months. A check of his Twitter page reveals his obsession with the wrestler. She also appears on the E network reality TV. Siri's total divas hours before his arrest. Thomas Retweeted a message from two bills Twitter account promoting her upcoming Summer Slam event News Channel eight's Justin Checker reporting, deputies say a house alarm alerted DeVille and another person to the break in, and they called 911. School is back in session in Manatee County, but some students are staying away. He fall semester begins this morning, Some students will return to the classroom. Others will learn from home. Those who return to class will have to wear masks on the bus and in the building. A survey of 600 Floridians find strong support for masks and opposition to reopening schools. What do Floridians think about covert 19? For one thing? They don't think it's going away soon. Floridians do not believe that the worst of this is behind us. Ah, strong majority of them. Don't Stephen nearly of USF's School of public affairs, says 55% in their survey say the worst of the pandemic is still ahead. They find overwhelming majorities support a statewide mask, mandate and keeping schools closed. Find out more and are beyond that. He was podcast on the I Heart radio app. Gordon Byrd. NewsRadio w F L A three people in their fifties are among the latest Corona virus casualties in Hillsborough County. The Florida Department of Health announced 23 deaths in Hillsborough. Including a 50 year old woman, a 54 year old man and a 59 year old man. Four deaths were recorded in Pinellas and statewide there were 107 deaths in less than 3900 cases, a positivity positivity rate of just under 8%. Thanks to firefighters, A Pinellas woman and her pet are safe. Clearwater firefighters say they rescued a woman and her dog from a unit at the Lexington Club Apartments on South Missouri Avenue. A woman suffered burns was taken to the hospital is a trauma alert, but she is expected to survive. Today is the start of the 2020 Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee. But it won't be business as usual. Thanks to the pandemic. Party activists will have to watch all of the events unfold online. It's going to be strange. I'm not quite sure how it's gonna work, but they'll probably pump applause over the P A system's There'll be lots of music. They'll be colorful background. Barry University Sean Foreman says. These events are supposed to rally the base, but it could be very different this year. You just really missed out on that human element, the excitement that pageantry and really the purpose of the modern political convention. The convention, which was was phoned in July, will be significantly shorter than in years past. Wendi Grossman. Miami, The National Hurricane Center is monitoring to tropical waves that have formed in the eastern Atlantic. The first is a fast moving system that's 400 miles east of Lesser Antilles, moving at 20 miles per hour, the seconds off the coast of Africa with just a 10% chance of cyclone formation in the next 48 hours. Stay informed during hurricane season with W F l a news dot coms Operation Storm Watch Brought to you by Morgan Exteriors. It's 605 at NewsRadio. W F L A. This is a Bloomberg money minute. Stock futures are pointing to gains of the open to kick off the New week on Wall Street this week. We have updates from the housing market to watch for, along with the weekly jobless claims numbers, among other important economic reports, and we'll see how retailers air faring. We hear from a lot of them in terms of their earnings, including Wal Mart, Home Depot and Into target. Facebook has a new tool aimed at helping to support teachers as covert 19 reshapes the school year. The company says educator hub will help.

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