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Which you know which was over in France and in France a mile and an eighth is probably a little bit closer to an American mile and a quarter And then he also wanted. Milen quarter race over in France In his best American-run was also at ten for in the Derby. So He's definitely going to appreciate the distance however that the weird thing about the Mile and a quarter on the grass Starting point is it's downhill from from the break it's downhill and we've seen a lot of times in raisins like that forces you don't usually Who WHEN GET STIFF MY OWN QUARTER OUT OF TRACK? Belmont are able to to carry that Day at the SPA is probably the biggest one I can think of even in the Philly in mirror going back to last year horse like era. Desa PROBABLY BETTER. Meyler bill because of that Santa Anita Start is able to get a bit of a solid run-up to kind of save some energy that does point horse like the six original air who At a mile and an eighth one and allowance by five lengths at Santa Anita last time out and does have Umberto Rissoli who is writing the standing needed. Per Course as good as has in the history of Santa Anita. You've been on fire there Since since coming here in at the beginning of this year so I think Even the top two united in rock emperor or the most proven They're also not the best horse in the world and you have a horse like originator. Who's been running some pretty good races? getting a little bit more distance which might just be Something he needs. He's run probably best races. The longer you've been allowed to go Good connections right.

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