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Feel like maybe. The story is shifting more towards that as opposed to the love Simon and the mainstream gay stories that were saying I think quiz cinemas still has the place and celebrates those outside. Is I think they'll was what was great about John. Waters stuff like this was kind of outsider art or something and these kind of the lives that he wanted to so to celebrate and it still is celebrating and I think you know even looking at the program this year. I think of films like you know brief story from the Green Planet which is Incredible Trans sci-fi movie. That's not you know so it's really cool and I think there's a place for all of it. I suppose what I'm trying to say ensure I hate love Simon and this is why this is a segue like I'm not going to away from the the sort of the mainstream view of homosexuality in popular culture at the moment and how important cuisine Murray's in because I feel like quitting them it was born out of necessity at end of reaction kind of a political or attitude and I think at that time again. Where a coach is being Co? Op CO opted. Una Constipation in packaged and resold to us That I think quilt makers alike on the full frontal of pushing back against that and saying some incredible things especially about people were color and people that are outside the gender spectrum as well. So and. That's that's actually. It is well because I think what's interesting. Is that the see for example. I I would say it's probably the least amount of North American films. We having those stories are coming from places where it is still illegal to be gay and films like centipedes movie. I mentioned four and then And then we dance. I mean this movie in Georgia was met with protests. And the filmmakers sort of you know. The Genesis of that story came from him sort of reacting to a lot of pride prides happening and people getting attacked by sickly. Wanted to really make film that sort of challenge this sort of the masculinity of that culture and you know really celebrate love and desire and I think so. I think that's a thing you know. I think we think about mainstreaming in a very focused and I wanNA say narrow white about cells but actual fact there are countries making. I think at the moment really exciting stuff because the you know the kind of grappling with this still absolutely now one thing that I really like about the festival is the regional to A. Why's it important for you and for for the festival's Hall Yeah. I think it's really important that we do reach out to a lot of you know regional quiz and get the festival at that can be a lot of oscillation with people that are kind of guy in coming out in ridgely areas and it's always interesting going out to the spaces and and sort of providing form for people to just connect me like rock though rock. There welds like what's what's up. What's that movie anyway? Does this phone. I'm sure over member. Put it in the comments. About how when you're an isolated or more remote areas You really grapple wanted the coach to pop culture that comes away from downside down level and it informs like for this person that this filmmaker and informed the rest of her life Just getting a tape sent from New York City to South Korea. Punk in this like really. Regimens shirkers shirkers code shirkers. It's Gripe Gripe phone but I think it's that same idea you take a quick out to original town and you don't know what impact that might have on a young person that lives true. The vice will things have taken his for a lot of people. It's like well. Why don't you just jump online? And what shuttle. Why don't you just going to Sydney in Wacho? Melvin Watch it. And it's the same with other queer festivals like chill out and the Broken Hill festival and that sort of stuff. Is that the people that really need to be hearing. These stories and making those connections are often people from lower socioeconomic backgrounds have the finances to take themselves to Sydney autumn. Open to go and see this sort of stuff and also has my not be out so you're not Johan get together with a group of friends to travel into town to say something so by bringing it there. I can go and see it. I think he's really fantastic thing. Yeah Yeah and some people are going to it on their own and yes absolutely wanting to kind of connect somehow to the community and so I think it's beautiful and it goes back to what you were saying about the importance of sitting on the couch watching somethings right but doing it. With a group of other people is so empowering and so important so yeah absolutely wonderful and throw the budding queer filmmakers Most of them who have blocked me.

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