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This is really a big Lou we've been to the beach we've been to downtown walnut grove. Job. Now, everybody's that's getting home from work. Gosh, darn it anything better than that it on TV. You said something. God. Here we go again heights, beautiful Boyle heights. Yep. We continue watching this. Chase man. This is now southbound five angel the southbound five still way. LA? There's a lot of a lot of traffic is slowing up. We're gonna come up on commerce. Right. So he should be coming up on the seven ten stopped on the freeway. Oh, here's traffic accident up there. Boy. Talking about it. Like, it's a good thing. But what's that accident southbound from one he's really a good driver? This looks like. Mario andretti. Three. Six. Ooh. That was not seven ten here. Oh my God. Still working blue got off the free. Now, there's no crash. These opportunities every where usually. Into that car watches when he gets off the offramp here with an issue Carter.

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