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Does it better than the host of football morning in America. Peter King with Tolbert and Lund. What's happening? Thanks to journalists. Always great to be joined by Peter King will review what happened in the divisional will look ahead to the championship game Salata their stuff to talk about with Kyla Murray, obviously making his choice, which kind of puts the as in the spotlight new stuff on Tonio Brown. Obviously a lot of coaching hires. All those kind of things Peter joins us weekly. And he joins us courtesy of Numa. Guess i'd. Hi, peter. How are you? I'm doing well yourself doing really good. But I I gotta ask I ask you this. I do, you know, Adam gays, very well. I wouldn't say I know him very well. But yeah, I've got a decent relationship. With them reason. I ask. Weird though, isn't that was wild. I just I've never seen anything like it. And of course, in New York, it's going to get blown sky high. But that just was crazy that at all, I think. I don't I have no idea if. The Adam gay. I honestly don't talk some point this week. I'm going to ask them. You know what? Really? I was a contact lenses. So here, man. But anyway, I don't I don't know. I don't think I've ever interviewed him. I just thought that whole thing was was weird. In regards to the divisional round. I don't want to call it a disappointment. But by the time, you kinda got warmed up, and you're ready to go and TV's going in the wings are front end for yourself. A beer all of a sudden you're looking up in in three of those four games were kind of already over. Yeah. I mean only the last game. Luckily, that's the game. I was at the only the last game was was good. Yeah. And you know, to me, I think when I look at when I sort of look at what exactly happened in this in this scenario was. I think the moral of the story is that home field advantage. Especially in the second round of the playoffs is huge. Because look at the chargers, for instance, where seed they were twelve and four in the regular season. And yet. They had to go to Baltimore the first week on Sunday. Fly back home and then had to go Foxborough the second week. Whereas, you know, the patriots are sitting there for thirteen days twiddling their thumbs getting healthy getting arrested. And essentially, what happened was I I mean, I don't know you probably have to talk to, you know, people who study the human bodies reaction to stress and and to work and all that. But you can't tell me that that didn't have something to do with what exactly happened. The fact that the patriots were rested coming off a bye week. And the chargers are coming back. You know, get back to back west. Game game. And what was so what really kind of puts it in perspective is somebody explained to me when I was talking to him about it. Know, he said. You know, the chargers had to play seventeen hours. Total of seventeen hours in eight days before playing the best team of our lifetime. I mean, that's really prevalent, not ideal circumstances, you know, but, but I do think this whole thing just goes to show you how credibly important whether you're the first or the second seed what a huge advantage it is. And I'm in favor of having that advantage. I think that's fair. I I think I think a lot of times in baseball. You know, and and other sports the fact that you know, if you have a seven game series in your playing four at home. Three away. I mean, let's say you're twenty wins better than the other team. Why shouldn't it be five and two instead of four and three? I, you know, I don't know they said that's a probably a matter for another day. But in my opinion. I'm not a big I don't I don't really have much sympathy for people saying that people in the NFL too much well home field advantage. I think you work for you win that many games. You ought to have it. Absolutely Peter King is joining us football morning in America. We're looking at the divisional playoffs will look head to the championship games in a few minutes. You're back there. And so you live at a lot more. But it it is amazing. We have a bit of a connection obviously, Tom Brady him being from northern California. But for him to go to for them to go to eight straight for him to go to thirteen total championship games and to be as dominant as they are in their chameleon. They can just they can be whatever you need them to be week-to-week. Is there anybody who's come close, and how impressive in your mind? Is it the run that the patriots are on? Well, you know, I said this last year when now. When the ESPN story came out to talk about the dysfunction, and the the fact that, you know, the patriots were we're having some problems internally. I mean occasion and relationships Bellichik Brady crafts. You know, I I made this point that I mean if you get ballot stick Brady craft right now, they have been together. You know, I'm not including two thousand could be as brave play that year. British starting two thousand one. Those three people have been together for eighteen years. And let's just say, they don't, you know, get to the Subaru but still they've been together. Eighteen years they've gotten to the AFC championship game thirteen times they've gotten to the Super Bowl eight times and they won five Super Bowls. That's unlike any air, quite literally in NFL history. Like if you were to talk about. Craft Belichick Brady eighteen years of greatness, Barlow Walsh, Montana ten. And you know, so and there's no sense that this is the last year of these three guys. So my feeling is that Brady craft probably will last nineteen years. I mean, maybe it'll go it goes beyond there. But it's gonna last at least nineteen years. I think that is absolutely totally equivocally unheard of in the history of pro football. So there's something great to be said for that. And I think that kind of puts it in perspective. And I think it is. I think there's a irony too. Because Patrick Mahomes is the next big thing on the block. He didn't seem intimidated by at all by the playoffs. A lot of people obviously, credited his dad, and he's been around it and all those kinds of things, but he looked great. It's obviously going to be very cold in Kansas City this weekend. I don't know. Is that the game you're gonna cover? Yeah. I'm going to Kansas City game. So what's your what's your initial thought on? On on patriots. And chiefs. I I'm like everybody else in my business. I I can't I just it's so hard to pick against the patriots right now. They just played the chargers and to me one of the most incredible things in that game as they scored forty one points. They never had certain long in the game. Not one time. That's how great their offense played when I say never at third long. They have certain six once other than that every third down. They had was third in five or less, and how incredible is it that you win a game. You play a playoff game and never one time in sixty minutes. Do you have third loss unbelievably ridiculously perfect. On offense. And so that's why I look I think that I think the chiefs have a heck of a chance to win this game. But I can't sit here and predict the Kansas City. Chiefs are gonna win the game. Sorry, I can't do it. Because I think that you know, there's just something. I'll I'll believe that. The patriots are gone when somebody beats him, but they they're they're in amazing franchise to to manhandled. The chargers who a lot of people thought were it was Super Bowl team this year to manhandled the chargers to embarrass the chargers to open the game against the defense. That absolutely totally flummoxed Baltimore seven days earlier. Open that game. Touchdown. Touchdown. Touchdown. Touchdown. I mean to be ahead thirty eight to seven after forty minutes. I. Insane. It is totally insane. And so I I don't know I'm trying I'm trying to be rational. Because I do think it's crazy to pick against Patrick Mahomes in the chiefs at home. I just do. But I can't I can't pick against the patriots. Absolutely over the NFC side. Like, you said you were at the eagles and saints, and obviously you can pick out a handful of plays in that game fourteen in Philadelphia. But I thought it changed when I thought falls had a Zakar it's out there. But he kind of under throw them. Lattimore gets the interception. That was a big one. Obviously the ninety two yard drive was big. And then, of course, the ball off L, Sean, Jefferies hands was big just kinda give me your thoughts on on what you thought changed and and the game itself. You know after Philly went up fourteen nothing early and after New Orleans lost its best interior defensive player and Sheldon rank and with what appears to be and it may have been announced already. But I don't know if it has what appeared anyway to be a Chili's injury. So he's gone. After that happens, and your you know, beleaguer defense finishes the game with forty nine scoreless minutes. I'll get some magic man Nicole's. I I mean that is a fantastic performance by that defense. Now that miss ball is something that that alshon Jeffery is going to have to live with it will haunt him for a while. And rightfully so was an easy catch. There's no way that should have gone hands to them and went right through his hands. And with the marshawn land Lattimore lap game over it's sort of a shame. Because you know, that is really one of the great stories we've seen in a while. Once the eagles have done in back to back losing your crane trays quarterbacking back to back December's. And in the first year going on to win the Super Bowl in the second year winning at the Rams just stay in the pennant race beating the Texans. Decisively at home to stay in the pennant race shutting out Washington to make a playoff to make the succeed in the playoffs. Going to Chicago, and sir. The survival test beating the bears in Chicago. And then coming within a fluky fluky. Listen miss catch L Sean Jeffrey of of maybe going on to win that game. It just. They're an incredible story. I applaud the Beagles, but you know, at the end of the day. I do think that the best team won. They're not by a lot. And obviously you win twenty two fourteen years most powerful offense. And I think the saints since mid season they are a little bit flawed. They're not as explosive as they were high point really was the forty five thirty five win over the Rams in week nine and since then they've been sort of moral, so we'll see which team shows up. But I think it's not a great match up for New Orleans because obviously the Rams come in with two excellent running backs, you know, Todd Gurley. And now he's in a practical practically at a job share with C J Anderson who they get off the street a month ago who in the last eight months has been cut by three under five hundred teams just the weirdest football. So we. It is. The weirdest thing. He's a Barry guy. We had him in studio before the season. He was on the Panthers. And they'd like you said he was at the raiders. Of course, they didn't need him. And then he moves onto the Ramseys been amazing. It off the field a little off the field. But non-playoff, news wise, just because it's a it's kind of a big story in the bear with Cuyler Murray being drafted by the as have you heard any buzz around him. And what you think because obviously he he enters the draft. But he's five foot nine and four as dynamic of a football player is years and yet everybody wants to compress Wilson or other guys about him. I five nine there has to be at some point a size that you can't play the play quarterback in the NFL. Isn't there? I wouldn't I wouldn't be as worried about him being. I think he's gonna end up being five nine and a half. You know, which is I think seventy seven inch short of in. Russell wilson. It doesn't bother me as much as the fact that if you look at him he is he has a baseball body. He's he's a he's kind of slight. Yeah, he's not small, but he's not sort of the broad shoulder. Kind of muscular guy who you look at it and say, boy, he can take a few hits. I mean, Russell Wilson never misses games. You know, he's figured out a way to to work his body into this way that he you know, he's incredibly durable. I don't know that I would think Cuyler Murray could be as durable with that body. Now. We'll see what happens, but I certainly believe her. That he's going to be picked in the top half of the first round. And because of that because teams are going to have time to get excited about them because there are six teams in the top fifteen with a quarterback need. That's I'm not saying he necessarily deserves to be top fifteen pick. I'm just saying that are six teams in the top fifteen that have a quarterback need. And I think he's going to go somewhere right in there between say like, maybe six and fifteen now have been a lot of buzz about, you know, could he be picked ahead of Haskins. And all that I have no idea where so early in the process right now. I mean the draft isn't for eleven weeks. So there's plenty of time to try to decide whether in a weather a guy is is gonna make it or not actually not eleven weeks. I'm sorry fourteen weeks. But so there's plenty. Time and nobody really knows what's going to happen. But I do think this that if if Tyler Murray, you know, you can declare for the draft. But if it gets to be the top of the third round and he hasn't been picked yet..

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