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And and he was a starter and he was trying to find it and i couldn't uh he did dumb dan you know he had some he awada hit song their men but he also did a lot of commercial yes and he was famous apparently for doing commercials for water burger which we never saw because we don't have waterberg but he did shells for a telephone cell phone company here and i was the very it's it's the cell phone company i'm still with it just have different names are still will tell america is tell america that would i couldn't remember the name abu manu raju four long dave houston yeah i tell america i cousin i but i kept my kept googling mel tillis cell phone commercial never wouldn't have been a cell phone oh it was a long distance company it was it was like before cell phones coltan eight hundred number then you would enter your code and then it would give you a dial tone and then you could call cheaper and it was cheaper than regular longdistance before hidden it turn into i don't know a so i think i think it turned into i don't the cell phone company that i started with anyway now could open with david cassidy not well gone done about what about but you actually know it david cassidy sundlun i certainly yeah so i will talk about those are all those coming up on him i should mention well i was going to say about malcolm young i thought it was i think it's sort of ironic that he always dressed as a you know he on now now you're thinking of oguz oh that's anger zhang rather than angus is the one who died malcolm still with us no now growl this is still well egas address oh just as a schoolboy and it doesn't matter because i was thinking he went the one who dresses albouy ninety died of route from now but so it isn't ironic at all now okay well i'm exhausted anyway was a it was a long it was a big night for me last night and a being a moderator for the john cleese event director the eccles theater so i got about four hours of sleep um but but it was terrific did you enjoy the show gene i talk about it later i did very much it was odd it was a.

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