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Li N. a forty something couple that manage to live together work together to raise kids and together and not kill each other yeah this show features hot news topics including what's trending family vacation destinations and special guests with infotainment advice on health finances and living life to the fullest this is what I'm talking about all this mixed in with the color it's chemistry of JT and Leanne they also give each other a relationship with him they're full of **** and their Fallujah ladies and gentlemen here are your host J. feet early and we hope you're having a wonderful weekend and welcome to the married with microphones radio show it's JT and Leanne and wow what a show we've got for you this week so we talk about real estate we talk about steps to help you grow your business we also have a little fun with our relationship report card it's the one time a week JT and I give each other letter grades on how we did a spouse's then this week I think it's pretty decent I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a great great gets underway later in the show we'll also be talking with our personal life coach archer from fundamentally fate life coaching is always someone who can give you a positive outlook and this week she's talking about how to be more resilient and mentally tough lots of guests on the show today so let's get to it harden home presented by exit realty thank residuals I think that's it visit joined exit realty dot com joining us on the show this week is our friend Nikolai appeared from exit strategy realty and make you always have great information for us no matter if we're in real estate or we're an entrepreneur ourself and today is all about Leeds it is all about lead that any business or entrepreneur you don't lead generation and prospecting is so huge and that's it they have to be an official part of our day and we talk about it a lot but there's an overall strategy that I wanted to discuss with you as far as lead generation and how to grow what I want to discuss today's expansion and a lot of us right now are looking at our business plan and realizing that we need to tweak them and whether it's because of the current situation anytime were always wanted to broadband very few entrepreneurs that I coached or that actually what I'm coached by my coaches that Corindus beanie the coaching program that I've been we talk about expansion a lot of people always want to go wider and say well I need a bigger audience and a lot of times it's not just meeting more people it's actually going deeper with the people you already know but there's a couple different things I wanted to stop the relation to expansion weiter verses deeper and the first thing you've got to do is really understand your numbers where are your leads currently coming in so if you're in business especially real estate I'll beat them focused in that that area but all entrepreneurs have three main bundle of leads that come in and you've got to track those and figure out what's working for you and what's not the first one is prospecting and partly prospecting for me that'd be old school lead generation that we all have been taught that door knocking cold calling open houses for realtors things like that the guerrilla marketing techniques but I've always worked but they're tough and some prospecting in farming it's a lot of hands on it gives those old school techniques that people kind of dread up front you've got to get to know script you've got to have the materials to support you add up prospect apartment take time but it is the best way for someone new with out a big database of people to get going and it doesn't cost any money it does not cost any money to hold the defective open house too even in these times do a virtual open house yes no your neighbor's door lock you can do virtual door knocking used in place of like next door there's the wonderful things on the internet social media I created a neighborhood group for my particular condominium association I've already gotten to listing appointment out of that in the first week of prospecting and farming a lot of people think they need to run out and get postcards then they send postcards out one thing because they don't get a response they then you jump to a different area and what you really need to do is commit to a twelve month campaign prospecting a party to a specific area no it's gonna take a little time to get results you may get some right away like I did with that neighborhood Facebook group that I created but it is also about building relationships over time with prospecting apartment people are always in the mood to immediately buy or sell with you no matter what product or service you are trying to get to engage with them it takes time but it is highly effective technique for someone new or some of this experience but wants to expand into a new area but remember you can't just go wide you've got to go deep with these people reach out and touch them in a variety of ways and build a relationship over time the prospect apartment that is our first final the second bottle and again you know you hopefully people can write these down referrals and beer that is such a sweet spot for me in a lot of other than entrepreneurs that have been around a while if you do a wonderful job you've got a great product or service and people appreciated like you because you're good at it you should be getting referrals but you got to ask for a better ask your spear the business you've got to get.

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