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My guest i want to make a quick correction we had a previous caller dave i said call them sick i retract at politics for saying sick what i what i should say as you have enfeebled critical thinking skills would never want to stigmatize mental illness so i apologize for saying that on the air you are just you you enfeebled i'm sorry you have you have the development process of critical thinking skills of a small small infant if that's what you think so let's go to our guest though the capital gazette shooting yesterday mass murderer active shooter incident joining me is former fbi agent bobby chicago and you can find me at bobby dot com and on twitter at bobby fbi bobby thank you so much for coming on this morning appreciate your time thanks for having me so we keep learning new information and i want to help get your expert knowledge on this this was a well thought out planned attack to kind of heard his targets into what i would call some kind of like a deficit tone i mean this is really really scary what happened yesterday at the capital gazette in annapolis maryland well sure it's always scary when someone that's clearly has no mental health issues and his unstable mentally has access to an instrument of deaths being a car being a gun being a knife you know and then and then unleashes and then is triggered somehow by something and then goes out and you know exact attack upon innocent people always it does it's not surprising though you know we've seen it seems surprising sometimes the amount of planning and and some of the things that we see after it's really not when we start examining some of the recent attach no like san bernardino or like las vegas or or others like that where you know the motivations might differ but the planning is the same and you see you know someone who has you know some kind of garage or some you know and sometimes it makes sense and rational and sometimes it's not you know i mean it's never really rash i don't mean to say it's rational to you know to ever want to kill innocent people but it's like you know sometimes it's it's either misplaced religious beliefs or something like that and sometimes it's completely absent we don't even know why or how right like with the las vegas attack you know the san marino san bernardino attack we saw the motivation probably islamic fundamentalism in las vegas we have no idea yet or we may never know and so it's always a little fighting a disturbing we don't know why something happened in this case it looks like the newspaper published an article about this gentleman that he found offensive he filed a lawsuit on it he then updated his lawsuit in include more charges like invasion of privacy so he might have thought that the newspaper was invading upon his life he made certain threats and then you know and then something triggered him recently to carry out this attack because the the article i think was several years ago and so it was a lawsuit so we you know i'm sure they're looking at what happened recently to set these final steps in place but clearly you know he went out.

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