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Was like okay. Well, I'm down on link which you I haven't really been around anyone. You don't have any symptoms or anything. He adds asked him. If he had a fucking outbreak, he was like, oh. Do I got symptoms oh? Yeah. Because I'M GONNA. Have you come over and I'm coughing like and he caught a whole attitude because I asked him if he was if he had any symptoms of covid. So because of that, I was like Oh. Yeah. NIGGA SITA's why we ain't fucking normal because you catch an attitude because I'm just asking you if you have symptoms of fucking Kovic question, it's a valid question. Right given a pistol at like. 'cause you go to the studio. Oh, you know what I mean. So before and after sex, which she should do wash your body with soap and water. No Shit. That's for our twenty seven white listeners, guys wash your hands with soap and water for at least twenty seconds again for you twenty-seven. Wash. Sex Toys thoroughly with soap and water before and after us and of course, do not share toys, multiple partners where a face covering mask heavy breathing during sex can create more droplets than training. You Liking. It literally said this. No has sex with a mask on I'm not gonNA lie however, there's porn but I think it's because in the trade neverwhere the little ski masks. Okay. The Ski. Masters. because. They want some dig. That's all this shit. That Shit's annoying. However, the Kobe Porn. Pointless. Okay. Only bandages are like second Dick through mass having deuce come over like with the glare. You Sucking Dick through mass, they just put a little hole in. Joe, is not as. Getting more. Appreciate. It reminds you to put it on. But also know why are you both enjoy life by other one is to avoid or limit kissing live exchange was just like, okay. I. Not during sex. So that one was okay. I'm still not big on Houston I'm big on that why I just got I really like you. We kiss during sex I really lying ally. Here's my tip to you. If you analytics like I talked about in the beginning of the show, if you kiss like opens the Buddha. Hall. A little bit more I. Think I feel more relaxed when I'm kissing. So kissed the bit, you put your Dick. Next. Next one. This is my favorite..

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