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The online travel giant gave a forecast for second quarter profit that fell short of some analysts estimates california has become the first us state to require solar panels on almost all new homes sending the clearest signal yet that rooftop power is moving beyond a niche market and becoming the norm stocks higher with the snp up twenty five higher by one percent the dow up one hundred eighty two of eight tenths of one percent nasdaq higher by one percent i'm charlie pellett that's a bloomberg business flash bloomberg best would rosso continue it's forty eight minutes past the hour and now it's time for bloomberg opinion i'm tara lachapelle a columnist for bloomberg opinion warren buffett doesn't like sharing the limelight with anyone other than charlie munger last weekend the folksy billionaire and his witty sidekick took to the stage as they do every year at berkshire hathaway stockholder meeting to answer questions from their investor fans but this time it was hard not to be reminded that buffets eighty seven years old and mongers ninety four where we're greg able in g chain as the likely next man in line to run berkshire they should have had a seat at the table it would give shareholders a chance to get to know them better and become more comfortable with the idea of someone else running the show no one can ever fill buffet shoes but he must try to ease the transition the widely watched q and a session would have been a great opportunity hopefully there will be more i'm tara lachapelle for more bloomberg opinion please go to bloomberg dot com slash opinion or opie i n go on the bloomberg terminal thank you tara and let's check in with the bloomberg affiliates to find out what's happening on the nation's.

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