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Here's a few of our favorites finish harvesting. I've done was ten thousand pushups in an effort to raise enough money for a while during the last half of the twentieth sixteen to distract myself from the internal pain of the election, took them six months. I didn't raise all the money. I didn't get ripped. I partially tore stuff in my shoulders this season without getting into any political fights. And the money went to a functioning while Mozambique ten thousand pushups ten thousand that is. I mean, I bet his shoulders jacked. Pushups in my life that can promise you I, I don't even have kids. Yeah, you'd have to do hundreds of day in order to do it. We had a couple pieces of feedback to do. The pumpkin spice thing took issue back because someone needs to defend pumpkin spice, okay. Scott said for a couple of people in this is the coming right at me, which is fine. They cleared some things. Pumpkin spice is not real tomato up, and they said, there is no pumpkin and pumpkin sized, but vice to put on pumpkin exactly to me, don't call it pumpkin. Then. Spicer we go, right? It's like the new girl and her Al false Bice. And she's a Spice Girl that she wears yoga pants boots. Paul spice. She would have to go by on spicy spice is like not as cool. Autumn spices way better. Okay. Also Jesse, it's delicious. I needed like I was talking to the podcast. Summer delicious. What is outside? It'd be delicious..

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