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Very weird story to tell him that concerns of all people, Buddy Holly, who was playing went down 62 years ago today. Right February. 3rd 1959 was when the plane carrying Buddy Holly, the Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens crashed and clearly Kiowa. We'll talk about that later. But there's a strange story that's connected with it. That happened to me today that I want to talk to you about, but right now I'm gonna try to fix New Jersey and the words of Buddy Holly, that'll be the day but if you were going to try to fix New Jersey What would you do? You know I was Sergio. Be showers. A reporter here. He's armed. He's our digital editor guy and he put on Facebook just out of frustration. We can't keep leaving. We need solutions. You put the property tax story up, and I'm like What a great idea. What a great idea for a question for a topic. How would you fix New Jersey? We've come in here so many times and done. You know what annoys you most about the roads. What annoys you most about this? What annoys you most? What in the ways you most about New Jersey? And if you have any idea on how to fix something that you feel is wrong with New Jersey. Bring it, Bring it. I gotta post up about it. And then J wonder 15 dot com And there's so many times when you think you have the answer, but no one will listen. You think you know what to do, but no one will listen. I'm gonna listen. 1 802 831 on 1.5. So two things. One identify the problem. What is the most annoying thing about New Jersey? What do you think The biggest thing that is wrong with New Jersey is and to Do you have an idea of how to fix something that you feel is wrong with New Jersey? You know, it's like that song and a sound the music. How do you solve a problem like New Jersey? How do you solve a problem like New Jersey? We got taxes to roof. We got more people than ever leaving the state making our biggest export people. Those that remain of being held hostage by our governor, in the name of a pandemic wasn't nice of him to let up a little on the restaurants, so the now 35% capacity can go watch the Super Bowl. At least they get to stay for the end of the game, and hopefully the post game show. Leaving is not the answer. You know the thing about leaving? You know, even I can't stay. It sucks that people who have spent their lives here. And love it here are being forced out of here. Would be replaced by people who many of which come here with no idea who we are What we're about. If they you need to speak the language. You know if it was like sneaking in There's too much here to make us want to stay. We have four seasons. We have the best food. We have this shore. We have mountains. We are close to New York and Philadelphia. We have cities that can hold their own with them. We have cities that are better than them. Especially now. Have you seen New York? Why do you think everybody's flee in New York to buy houses in Jersey? What sucks is that we've got houses to sell them because so many people are leaving New Jersey. But if you're going to stay if you're going to stay and fight Why would you do 1 802 831 on 1.5 Real New Jersey is don't run away. It sucks that real New jersey and they're being forced out. We stay. We fight. Despite the fact that the powers that be in office seem to be doing everything in their power to force us out. Believe with too smart for this, and I believe with you. Together, We could come up with some solutions. We could identify some problems. And so I ask you 1 802 831 on 1.5. How do you fix a problem like New Jersey? What do you think is most wrong with the state? What's most annoying Michael's in Manchester on New Jersey one on 1.5, Michael. Mm hmm. How are you? I'm good. How are you? They surviving the snow. Ah, There he is. Are you a snowman? Held over California boy used to this crap. What are you going here? I was born here in the old Jersey boy. Okay. Assize, California play into this. Uh, places like he, you know, but you know, you look at those when the government gets involved. And I look back it when we had the D. M V and you were guaranteed, you know, as three hours stay just to renew License or whatever, and they got rid of them. And then privatized it and came up was NBC and today you're in and out in like 20 minutes outside of coded I mean, it was beautiful. Yeah, For a while. There was a lot of fun now they should give you Springsteen tickets by the time you get to the front of the line because you waited for so long Would that be great? You know, it just seems like The government is well intentioned. Um, but they just can't have an original thought. And they hire people who You give them a page and they had to check off little boxes. But if they can't check off a box because they're confused of lancer, right? Um it's a mess. Yeah, And it just shows that It's always been this way when you let the government Man dies, You know things. And traffic control it All things are gonna happen worse. Pretty much you know why? Because the government is not in business. You know the government Michael. Thanks for the call to New Jersey One A 1.5 is in the government business. They don't have to run a business. And they show that every time they try to do it, and they show that here in New Jersey 1 802 831 on 1.5. What's the biggest problem in New Jersey? What do you think is the biggest problem? We need to fix. What ideas do you have to fix it? Steve's in Ewing Township on New Jersey one a 1.5 Stevo. The government is too big, too big. Yes. And we have to. We have to pay their medical and their pensions and they don't really essentially earn them. Yeah. I mean, part of the job is they get the benefits in the pensions. But if you were, if you have a business would you pay someone three functions or one know what they could do? And it's a good point. What they could do is just mandate. Thanks for the call to New Jersey one a 1.5 that you only get one pension, no matter how many government jobs you have. Attached themselves have a pension attached. You only get one pension. Maybe do something like that, because you had to have somebody working multiple government jobs or the guy's going to retire. So on the way out, we give him the gift of another government job with a pension attached. You should be. You only get one pension. You know, And that would be a great way to save money has one good idea. What have you got? 1 802 831 on 1.5. What annoys you most about New Jersey? What is the one thing that drives you nuts? Was the biggest problem..

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