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On the fours here's jay phillips on the marysville we've been dealing with a collision on southbound i five at eighty eighth street northeast is collision blocks two left lanes viruses and state patrol on the scene and it looks like they are clearing now as we speak in tacoma northbound i five approaching fifty six seclusion has been cleared to the right shoulder now and you're an expert at nine forty four jay phillips komo news steve pool with a forecast everybody i expect our overnight low temperatures to be somewhere in the low forties so it's still going to lean a little bit on the cool side if you have to get out and about for some reason we're talking about fifty one or so for high temperature tomorrow and the common theme will be out the rain will still be in the neighborhood we could get a break over the next several days after tomorrow but for now it's more of the same chance of rain and highs right around fifty in the komo weather center i'm steve pool right now forty five degrees more than ten million dollars a year that's how much the seattle police department spends on officers staffing protests and big events become of jennifer sullivan asks are taxpayers paying too much seafarer worth of july some running events in divorce may day and other protests and there seems to be something going on around downtown something that requires seattle police to beef up their staffing focus is to make sure that we keep people safe that we keep property secure that we keep traffic slowing the seattle city council heard about the police department staffing blues from the city auditor's office according to the city spd's spent my point four million dollars in overtime wages in two thousand ten in two thousand sixteen these spent ten point three million there were only one hundred and fifty more events in two thousand sixteen role as the public safety entity for the city is to make sure that that they're carried out safely according to the city in two thousand sixteen a good portion of these events were what's called free speech protests like the annual may day marches fruit tests against the new youth jail and demonstrations is not something the city gets reimbursed for unlike bumper shooter other sporting events which is why the city council and.

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