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In all states it's just you have to be eighteen years old and you now are going into higher education and tuition is virtually zero and that is our philosophy everybody wants one gifts one now you go to other countries where the tuition is free you go to university it doesn't cost you money the state pays all of it so how does that work where we're going halfbroken they do it for free because they ask we were strict the students there go ahead you test into the university and if you don't make it you're not getting in there are actually is a strata and they are actually demanding that students meet a certain requirement to get him to university i mean that makes sense to me rule handle weekday mornings at six am 640 more stimulating talk when you take parts of your childhood away it is depressing it really is you know for instance and this is like maybe a small thing but john call bell got a not emotional but you goes a little sad when i told them that the truckee cheese was going to take away the band yo that autumn auto animatronic though the called the band and they're going to take it away in lake nona detroit kid where i take my kid out there and he would love that bad we sat there is a big part of his childhood in march elder i i did a ton of things in the valley we talk about all the time the malibu grand prix we go to lafayette park in taco and all these places are gone we go to the ice skating rink on ventura boulevard that was just a little bit east of recede all these places have all disappeared swenson's ice cream in encino mike's pizza all these joins the spaghetti castle all these places that i grew up in went to the my dad took me or my mom took me as a child they're all gone they're all if all disappeared and so i understand when this guy kid says your shorter heartbroken because that that was part of his childhood is you know that's where he spent time with your mom or you're dead or both your grandparents obviously heartbroken mcgown of fall sick i grew up here i try to come in here and i was like one years old him conway junior fix it six for stimulating mallory through august three first 2018 forever immunisation get an walgreens donate twenty cents at two million dollars axiom restrictions apply talk to your pharmacist to learn more have you still not refinanced your mortgage well soon you.

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