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Supportive housing. Jeff Kozinski appealed for more than dollars from the private sector. We are currently looking for five hundred jobs for young people are friends from the Golden Gate restaurant association is here from the hotel council. They have committed to helping us. Find job opportunities for young people in the hospitality sector besides job training, participants in the program. Would get help with rent and furniture in San Francisco General lane KCBS White House announces nominees for three California's seats on the US court of appeals for the ninth circuit based in San Francisco. None was a suggestion given by California Senator Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris White House counsel, Don Mcgann says that they tried to engage Feinstein about Trump's nominees. But claims the Feinstein gave no meaningful feedback the White House nominated federal prosecutor Patrick Bouma today and also to appellate lawyers in private practice. Daniel Collins, and Kenneth Lee Feinstein and Harris say that Trump is trying to pack the courts with partisans. Controversial partisans an unqualified candidates, California farmer's export crops worldwide. But KCBS Jennifer Honda's reports the recent Santa Cruz county crop report revealed some bad news. The crop report shows a decline in value in the region by nearly ten percent. So. This is the first time where we actually lose a good portion of our growth one L dog. Oh, Santa Cruz county agricultural Commissioner says part of that is rotating crops in the fact that there was an abundance of berries farmed in order to break up pissed in the soil are growers rotate with different commodities. So I feel that was planted in say strawberries this year is probably going to be planted in a different crop next year strawberries remained the top crop in Santa Cruz county, they account for more than two hundred million dollars of the value ill dog oh says there were so many planted that could tip the scales with supply and demand. It could be an advantage to consumers because one of the things that impacted the prices last year is that there was a lot of production. Jennifer, Hodges KCBS. CBS news time three fifteen..

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