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Three twenty five to go in period to a whole lot of shots on goal combined. Even in this game just a sixty conscious for the nine four hurt game. But one on one rush they're wrapped with speed down that left wing side. Take that shot the left-hander low on battling makes the save. Just as importantly does not give up a rebound for Brock who still crushing at hard. After his initial attempt wanna play it's been ready for Brock Nelson and the penguin series. He scored in game one had the game winning goal and gain three and the game winning goal in game. Four nelson. Can't win the ensuing. Faceoff gains trying to work it out near sideboards. Vine lips. Sit in the but Brock Nelson glove that down at center and chip that right wing corner canes on the back end county on beat everybody to it came up the boards for Nino Nita rider, pay our former highlanders, connecting they're terrified and over the line. But good fact check by Bailey knocked it away then gave it away. Here's the honourable of circle stepping around Puna co now bottom of the circle on behind the New York net centering feet and didn't connect Tara vine and covering John. Here has it left point plays into the Han left corner centering feed looking for neater writer broken up by the but not out. You don't need a right. A right half boards out the right point now for Justin Faulk left for Dougie Hamilton fresh off the bench rich, John it's steered by letter out of play in the far corner Nelson. When words for Nino Nita writer as they come together and a linesman quickly jumped in to thirty nine to go in the second still one nothing New York never actually teammates there on the owners Brock Nelson. Nido Nita riders Nino played his one season with the Arkansas twenty twelve campaign. Brock didn't make his debut. Until the twenty thirteen playoffs. But they both were first round trip. Hex of the islanders in the same draft twenty ten and fifth overall Rockwood thirtieth overall in the made a late move on day one through back into the first round to take Brock played sixty four games as a New York islander had just two goals and one assist for three point. He was traded to the Minnesota wild for clutter book, and of course, clutter bucks still with the New York. Islanders canes. Have it off the face of Warren Fogel, the rookie behind the New York net. Lost it Bill trying to get it ahead year. But turned it over WalMart in the high slot rich. Good waffle saved by Leonard. Directing it to the near corner Fogel on their sweeps at around right point for an open Dougie Hamilton left point now for Jacob Slaven slave and takes a look back cross point for Hamilton down the right side. What it in front of letting spins it on goal and let the stick safe comrade jumps on the rebound three onto through center. Leo left wing came line with fellow comrades still with it circles behind the net now on the right, sir. Erkel is Leo calmer up jobs. Offer Mayfield pumps it toward the goal at the outside of the right post did not get all of it off the heel of his stick as Mayfield missed loose puck from eight pm right dot this time. Gloves. Save by mcelhinney with tons of traffic in front reaching through Anthony Beauvilliers to make the stop one forty three to go in the second still one nothing. Islanders after a floor or clearing attempt by the canes lands right on this dicap-, Scott make good he can't believe all the time and space as Hamilton, basically. Just one hands the puck right to Scott Mayfield Appleton Petras on the goal line. And there was may top of the right circle has some time to step up into that shot belly as stream but a fantastic safe by MAC later who seven in this game win the face up. Hillocks left point shock just missed wide left to check out right point shot missed wide left and McCain send away Nita writer even island rice down the right wing wall Senator feet broken up by angrily and just dribbled wide right of the net held in by Jordan stole here. Right. One for Carolina states, the half boards taken down by Jordan narrowly who took the puck away and Everley through Senate with Ando's Lee, they criss-cross the canes blue, Emily through the right? Wrister and flicking it over the back last is patchy kept alive by Andrews Lee in the left wing corner. The Carolina zone got the Matt Moore's L has got the games only. Go to pellet straight on fires for the blue line mcelhinney knocks down and covers Anders Lee continuing the battle on the doorstep with fellow number.

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