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Treasure. Back to the money men we outdoor setting caulfield was twelve maters. Riser says it was ice off six. We think it was probably self seeks closer to a soft seven. Obviously needed to be on spayed those lines, one, two, three, four five. We're a major advantage. Rice seeks. There hasn't made a rice benny going pretty fast here. acorn stand at torn, twenty, three, six, four, hundred, twelve, one, our last, two, hundred, just K. for the dye. Well sort of defied logic a little bit this horse because they weren't winning from the abbots one pretty easily really well. This is the stage of the day. We pretty think you've pretty much nailed the patent. These happens you like. What to do, but Obviously was on the backup police fitness a few horses that we resume, but. You say alone luck. Probably the thrill made a mock the horse to be on. The host on the inside were really struggling to. Finish off the rice was. This hasn't made a rice and I. Don't Know How many times we say combat. And made a horse. All four wins abandoned affairs and made his. And the Mike wanted to be a little bit of a go at it. Twenty seven dollars into nineteen dollars Ms. Cats are worried about who and here four dollars to five dollars fifty so marketing wannabe with the Finnish north. Acumen the other one coming down from Sydney with some really big writings, four fifty to five dollars finishes seeks the marketed won't won't pass seven dollars, fifty four fifty finishes fourth, and I think going out of the rice. That's a Horse I. WanNa Bite bookie. His willmore PASOS first stop off one hundred and fifty four is. It's not as and made a horse got some really good writings to. It's nine twelve. Hundred made is our can even probably second up nail. I want to play with that. Horse Oregon. It's going to be was in no I. Think it'll be winning the fact that mark with I. In good stead for the campaign, just to touch on that theory made a horse into affairs made a rice. There are reasons why that happens. Because they stay has made a rice as a run at a completely different tempo to what eleven hundred and twelve hundred mater Rice's I and I get a similar pool of whole says, but designed the certain amount of horses actually handle that pressure of the theaters and made a rice. Isn't it suits racing? More than what it does the others. With you will pass the horse to follow, Miss Catherine I. Do not know what to do with the. Concerning now, isn't it on? kyw And we sort of. Shifted in the market a little bit, but wasn't noticeable, wasn't consuming in as I, said Reynaud, fashion rice probably knocked up and now I say these performance and I go. Drop it in class, take on more while probably newly hard to place near because she. One, that toy tries I prep so nasty becomes a really tricky commodity to putting the wrought rices. And rejoice very smart in terms of pricing horses. What happens work? Cut Out a little bit with here at the Moment Oregon. Just one more horse before we move on proper rogue was held up in the street ran well, probably the quick line, but there's a couple like that. There was another one in rice to that I didn't mention them now. Sign it, which had no luck whatsoever. DSP care for those horses that was theoretically a bit of a travel light or a long day. So there's GonNa be some horses that will look like though around tasted intruder one the rice. They might have won the rice if they get the split. Just be with them going forward. I think are just see Perot probably to be more improvement in. Saying, it does it differently now a growth that proper. Thinks. Showed that. Rice seven. He Benny solely run rice. Point two of a second, so I'd stained toy. Twenty, three three to twelve one home, which is pretty good, but dominated by a horse that. He's going really well and I've spoken about this a little bit before. In terms of if you might have a really good homeless, but if you don't place your horse very well. It sometimes adds up to nothing. Laurie is done with these horses bearing nothing short of sensational in the tombs of Egypt through those. Sixty, four hundred seventy S A couple of packing him then he went to Flemington still in a benchmark rice up the strike he won again and then again he's not going I'm going to win two races now I'm GonNa taking open handicap, and then all of us, you can bust your horse so well placed. He's a horse plenty of ability. But he's also been so well. Pass that he's just. Telling us why it's the comparison you can drawers fantasia. Last week he skipped about three or four grades. He's writing. He's Rod up in Alan Hayes missed opportunity to work his way through the grades. Are we also from doesn't NATO because he he is legitimately. Not GonNa say star, but he's he's a horse. It's GonNa win plenty of rice. Zeta White, but there's plenty of horses. Say Ego, hang on! You've WANNA rice packing them or wherever? And they were going into town, and it's dislike. You could be working. Raisins for I'm not. Privy to the case. But that is a great. Learning I. Think for trainees out there and for people that look at horses and guy. You can just work your way through and win plenty of money and nine. Or three run home. You can decide to go put your fate in the date water. Let's. Work on that comparison four over find page I know the different age groups, mainly both emerging sprinters. We think in front pages panel the head of the souls, or I think so. I think front pages very very very good I think Alpha. But. On writings and stuff say there's probably two and a half between. Artistique, maybe a bright L. FOR ORO. He's done a fantastic. Get often injury. He could come back. Even better I'm not completely right right now. Thirty, you know he's got a couple of good races eating on. He's a beauty. He's an absolute beauty worth noting same image eight fifteen to four dollars fifty heavily supported supported again to starts ago with Dan. It was off the map and ended up starting of fiber. It's a horse. It goes forward to understand why the pros want to with it, but it's got a big number. I think one diabate night to strips strip. The the is still going well. He's going to run that figure again one night and he gets a raw conditions. Yes, he had displayed the rice shape. Theoretically you need fiber. Hit and Miss Vermillion, this describes. The horse on mention SANSOM had two runs back Neil probably got to twelve hundred meters and ready to win. He gets. He's Guy Twelve hundred meters now. They should be right for him. Some. Rice site near very slowly, run rice. He Benny three quarters of a second outside, Standard Thome, twenty-three, five to four, hundred, twelve, one, four, last, two, hundred, only fair when you going that slightly on neither I have a two thousand Mehta's. But? I suppose this talking point really here. Resolve of us, isn't it? Whilst the replays Letaba views just that last hundred made is unknown. pull up line, but the fact that sell some came back to Beta on the lawn was very wiring and. He was talking. About these holes before the rights, obviously, that is very ambitious, and he has avoided the evil so far. He might just be grip three-horse, which is no which is? Still a decent horse, but everyone expects it to be a little bit better than that. Yeah, it was look he. That race set up perfectly for him. I thought price that he'd had that month off news to wake seen. Would've loved Johnny Ellen Tomorrow. We keep pushing forward like he's not no I thought. This was the last run for the prep. Go Forward Mike. Dame Chaozhou pulled up lime and it looked like that last hundred meters. He looked. Poor so obviously has clearly got an issue so hopefully many Williams can. Everything's Xikai with him, but yeah, it was wearing his. Five attitude team wasn't an awful drapes. There was no issue with that. Miramar was fifteen dollars into eleven dollars fifty two days after coming back from the World Cup. W. Entertain. Still think he's GonNa. Run off putting the Treasury. Still think he's gone or what needs to on the road. and. Silla just are. Just, a little bit there just wasn't great for me..

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