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And i don't know how i ended up with it but i actually have One of them say at risk my finest moment actually it shows your phantom howie it really. Does you know if you're a big saints fan. No if you just come into its surf into it. You know you might council the brooks family to get a restraining order but you know it it it is just shows off your shows off your don't already have it shows while now if you're going to start actually stolen from his house while he was home now. You gotta bobby bare sock then. That's the end of this conversation. You know what. I mean now. Now we're going to go into. That'd be the holy grail. My gosh you know then. Then then we got a got talk about The future here but no in all honesty though it just shows off your your phantom is your d- do you have Similar love for the pelicans now zaylon or is hoops. Not really your game. We love them. But i obviously the history is not there like saints but yes. I love the pelicans. But i don't know if you know this but i had a i had a tv show called the harry show sack and one of the things we did was to go down to new orleans and they make you actually signed me for a day so i was a saint for a day and what you do but i was petrified because of the prospect of being traded can imagine like a celebrity signing and they trade you i mean i don't know what would be the equivalent to come back in a trade harry. I mean they take values you'd have to you know get your manager involved call and other teams safe face but they did actually sign me to a one day contract and i know this sounds crazy claiming that i mean you guys. Are the best people talk about this. Yes my heart exploded because those guys are. They're like they're gods. I mean wit musician would not love to be an athlete. And since i have no athletic skills it all just to be down there like the be on the field and and watch those guys is it in and just stupid. You know phony ceremony of signed. That contract was it was like worth mortem. Even you know any award. I've ever won anything out. It was a dream. Come true harry. If you're ever in that situation again. Harry connick junior here. Let me help you out here. Because i can safely a attest to the fact that yes. You're a musician. Strolling onto a field of world class professional athletes. And you're like okay. Every musician wants to be an athlete but the reverse is true. Every athlete wants to. I've heard that's that's who Oh the center for the for the Tech off the basketball center david robinson he came and sat in and played basically one day. I get it. There's a lot of mutual admiration. Well i mean you know. There's there's a ton of of players football basketball. Who think that they can. They can wrap that. They that they have the ability to be some sort of a star. I mean shaquille. O'neal we all know has been attempting to do that. Sort of thing Le'veon bell damian lillard those. Those guys are so creative at what they do. I i love it. It's just it's just and it's fun to see them. You know whenever an athlete comes to one of our shows. I think the last one who came was kurt warner and it's just the whole. Dan freaks out like we just. We can't get enough of that stuff. Those guys are you know they're heroes and when they you know the the great people that we we think they are. It's it's it's like drew like like he's just a fantastic guy and into you know it. Just it's inspiring. It's it to know that he goes out there and does that You know. I mean we go out on stage you know. We don't have the physical dangers that they have. And it's just amazing. I mean they're gladiators and we just were so thankful for for that type of entertainment. Before i let you go harry connick. Junior again is new album alone with my faith available on march nineteenth. That's just right around the corner. Gimme a good story from independence day. You have one how you got involved anything all and said hey. We want you to be in. This movie is going to be a giant blockbuster. With will smith and i said okay. Cool you know. Sent me the script so they sent me the script and i die on the sixth pay mike. Seriously that's what you want me to do. And then i find out well we sure are glad you're glad you're here because we asked matthew perry to do the property. He couldn't do it. I'm like okay. So i'm your second choice and i died on like you know the eighth page. So there's a story so i did not know matthew. Perry was in line for playing captain. Jimmy wilder may he rest in peace spoiler alert from what i understand. He was the guy. And i kind of came in and You know did my thing. Yeah by the way. We had. Chris mortensen that we had chris mortenson of espn on before and he heard that you were coming on He and his was. He say it was his wife wa watch copycat last night and wanted me to pass along to you about how dynamic and you were in that role in that film. That was that was You know it was crazy about that. I was twenty two twenty three years old. They said they want you to meet this director. I met this guy named johnny meal. He's from england. We sat down and talked for a minute. And he says what do you know about serial killers. I said well not much. I know you know what. I've read in the papers he says. Can you do a really really strong southern accent. I said yeah. I said i know you're from england but i i kind of have one now but i can. I can jack it up and and do some other Some other slew accents. Whatever reason you wanna talk about. And then i walked out and i'm like well you know i'm not going to get that. And then then he called my agent said yeah want him. I want to play this part. And i'm thinking what. What did i reveal this guy in this half an hour. That would make him. Think i could play this this this guy so i never never really asked them that because i didn't want to know but it was. That was a fun role to play to. I had to sleep on the couch for a month after i did that. Movie you harry We know david schwimmer was the first choice for that role. I'm sorry that was.

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