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Democrat Nancy Pelosi becomes the next speaker of the house ushering, a new era of divided government. CBS news updates power shift in the house. Democrats now in the majority to the speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi extend to you this gavel. Incoming GOP house leader. Kevin McCarthy speaker Pelosi our nation is it historic moment. Two months ago. The American people spoke and demanded a new dawn thirteen days into the partial government shutdown now CBS political reporter Caitlin Huey burns their relationship between Trump and congress is going to be different now with Nancy Pelosi in charge of one chamber, the dynamic, certainly changes. But the issue is is still how to reopen. The government the house tonight will be voting on two bills to fund the government and get about eight hundred thousand federal employees back to work. The Senate has no plans to take up the democratic legislation. President Trump said today, they hopefully we are going to work together. Speaker Pelosi expected to make a statement shortly addressing the shutdown CBS news update, I'm Gary Nunn. Much more on this coming up on the CBS evening. News at six here on KRLD. Our top local story this afternoon. Southwest Airlines, founder herb Kelleher. Her has died. He was eighty seven Kelleher was a lawyer in San Antonio. When a client came to him in the late nineteen sixties with the idea for a low-fare airline would fly between big cities in Texas from ticketless passengers to using a fleet that was entirely seven thirty sevens. Herb Kelleher was known for thinking out of the box in a two thousand six interview at Stanford University Kelleher said such thinking is in his DNA. The way of always dude it is. I think you have to have that spark in your DNA to start off with that your little bit of a risk taker a little bit of the visionary, you're a little bit of an idealist Kelleher encouraged, everyone at Southwest Airlines to give management ideas. No matter how big or small. He says the staff usually had answers to the stickiest problems. Dallas roads have always been a problem, but reports suggest fixing them will cost the city more than it has the report suggests the city will have to spend an average of two hundred. Sixty nine million dollars every year starting in twenty twenty one to keep satisfactory streets from falling to substandard to get them better. They'll have to spend three hundred fifty one million a year. Dallas mayor Mike Rawlings says we have to prioritize what streets need treatment the most. I look at these ratings, and we all believe that we've got to do better. And we all believe we don't have enough money to do better. That's reality. This is why it's called work. And so we're going to have to power through this feels many roads in south Dallas have been neglected for too long. According to a new report on a scale of ADA f the average street in Dallas is a high see well, the new year has not gone off to a kind start form, Donna..

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