Treasury, Fox News, President Trump discussed on Colorado's Morning News


To taxpayers over his use of private jets he's going to write a personal check to the treasury to cover the flights used for government business on fox news last night prices crust rumblings of b could also lose his post i've worked with pleasure the president the president is is a remarkable leader uh i'm incredibly privileged to serve in his cabinet and and work on behalf of the american people president trump has expressed his disappointment at price issues of the private jets and what i asked about price of future as health secretary trump would only say we'll see after nine years in prison o j simpson is expected to be a free man injust days he has plans to live in florida but there is a snag the paperwork get him there has yet to be filed since his parole hearing in july simpson has been in protective custody basically solitary now his friends tell us he's been going stircrazy his release could come as early as monday but the paperwork to get him to florida has it yet been filed which means simpson could be spending a bunch of time in las vegas the city in which he got arrested abc's mad govern people are lined up some of them waiting since the we hours of the morning to get their hands on the hottest gaming system of the year koa newsradio is counter cherie is live told the best baikonour yeah the hottest gaming system of the year is a throwback to the hottest gaming says some of 1992 nintendo is releasing the original version of its super nintendo and six like a workday for people who've been in line since two am waiting for doors to open at ten o'clock for a system that features twenty one preloaded games some of which they've never even played before my friends really looking forward fox to i might be more interested in some of the kirby games i haven't really played earlier kirby games i play the mirror ones seventy nine dollars will get you this throwback system that comes with those 21 games nintendo says nationally they are expecting a sell out today reporting live in.

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