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I? I can't really recall how many shows it may have only been a few shows that we did I believe. They were in the Tri State area, because we're very popular within this tristate region, but did a show at it was either like Madison Square Garden I think it was or at Nassau Coliseum was a huge huge venues. Britney Spears in the nineties in Justin Timberlake came backstage, and he came into our dressing room because he had heard of this new boy man on streets, and he came back, and he shook all of our hands, and you know when you're. You're twelve thirteen justin timberlake. He's like a god-like way. Mander, right? Yes, the people everyone up to us very gracious and kind in a citrus farmer hands in the game, a little piece of advice on I. Remember what he said You know. He's just trying to be cool and I. Just remember the world so awesome and in an any sat, and he just kind of washed performance the entire time, but look enough at us, so that's a little anecdote than I thought was on the I remember thinking about that and then years later I would run into awards show. Name is new. You guys unlike didn't always know. So, so a moment like that there's been many moments like that. You know where I've run into people that. I grew up loving idolizing in all of a sudden I'm sharing a moment with them. It's just surreal. You know and it's crazy now I feel like I'm at the age where young artists coming up at it meet me in. They're like Amana. You understand like one of those that it will allow them on the first records that got me into music, and now they have a budding career. It's just funny to see it. All comes full circle so yeah, when that happens. Do you give those young whipper snappers advice now? That guy. Be like you know what you should do. Is You just feel like that's the big timing? People I don't like that they act I'll give them a little two sense, but. I just I just give a high five and say hey, make keep keep doing you stay focused in regard and crushing it. You know I. Try to keep it light and easy I. DON'T WANT TO BE MR wisdom. Year old kid who wants to hear that when you're sixty well, I would imagine you would have liked to have heard that from Justin timberlake where he was like. Hey, listen this boy band thing you're GONNA get screwed over big time. Just so you know. Well He. Didn't get. Ended up. Making tens of millions of dollars before his solo career. Okay, so you start the Solo career, and then what happens that point? I was probably seventeen sixteen. When I started recording beautiful soul I moved out to Los Angeles for my first pilot season enduring I highlight season I booked a show which was originally called immediate family, if the W. picked up, and then changed the name to summer land, and that would become a big show on the WB during that time, my manager, who still mckernan manager was hitching. Hitching a little demo that I put together of several songs. on a CD and back when I remember CD and put together like a tape of performing these solo songs at a onstage, and because of Dream Street I had several three to five hundred people that would show up to my solo show, so it was quite impressive to show a record company. Look, this kid's not signing. He's already got like these screaming. Girls like coming after and this is a get like you guys should sign. They did it was a smart pitch. It was a wise X. The songs were decent. One of the songs was beautiful soul funnier enough that we had recorded that we found on publishing service called taxi at of tens of thousands of songs. We find a number one record. The whole thing is unbelievable. moved to La Shooting show with each the Hollywood records. Jay Landers, who have been now works for Sony. He heard it news like I. Like this kid reminds me of like a male Hilary Duff. who was a huge thing at the time? And so they signed me to a record deal. They signed me to a three album deal. which at the time was? Incredible. You can't get those deals anymore. I signed a record deal. We produce, we made the first album and beautiful soul, which was already becoming a hit on Disney radio, which is am radio without being signed. They were houses kid on Disney with a number one record on Disney without being signing label put some money into it on the on a grand scale and beautiful soul, because the song that it it it is in in that it was and and the rest was history point musically everything sort of just went from zero to sixty so within within a year. It was like you know I was in everyone's living rooms. My High School friends now. I was a junior in high school when I moved to La. All of them were like. Hey, Bro, Mike. What do you mean? Hey, Bro, you use shut meanwhile locker a rope A. Get Out of here. And then I was traveling around the world that had a worldwide tour was going to Australia and Europe and Italy Japan and seen places that like just a year ago I was learning about an expert period was when I think the name Jesse McCartney went from just like this kid Cedar, business in a working young actress singer went from there to household name status. That's like that was time beginning of. Of what people think of when you think Jesse McCartney getting a think of May, think of needed that time you know..

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