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Work where they have just finished a building sized mural to honor the late congressman and a segment that is out of this world will look back on the biggest news of 2020 in space. It is Monday. December 28th musician John Legend turns 42 Years old Today News is next. Life from NPR News in Washington. I'm Windsor Johnston. President Trump has signed a $2.3 trillion spending package that includes the next coronavirus relief bill. NPR's Franco are juniors reports. Trump signed the measure last night after suggesting that he would veto it. The $2.3 trillion coronavirus relief bill will help avert a government shutdown and provide billions of dollars in Corona virus say to millions of people. Passed by Congress with sweeping majorities. Trump waited almost until the last minute to sign the measure after calling the package of disgrace and fought so far unsuccessfully to raise direct payments from $600 to $2000. President. Trump refused to sign the legislation for days, sending Washington do chaos as a deadline to prevent millions of Americans from losing unemployment benefits was missed. Franco or Dona is NPR news. Federal authorities are still trying to determine a motive behind the massive explosion that ripped through downtown Nashville on Christmas Day after a bomb went off inside a park Garvey Samantha Max from member station WPL and reports. Authorities have identified the suspect as 63 year old Anthony Warner. Officials say Didna evidence has confirmed that Warner was at the scene of the explosion and that he died in the blast. Nashville's police chief has told residents that there are no other known threats to the area and that the city is safe. Ah curfew was ongoing as agents continue to investigate a massive crime scene. It's a vehicle. Debris from the site helps the match mourner to the RV used in the blast, but officials hope to work through the evidence and start opening up surrounding blocks in the coming days. For NPR news. I'm Samantha Max in Nashville, the number of Corona virus infections continues to spike across the United States. The nation has recorded more than 19 million cases, and the death toll stands at more than 330,000. MPR's Dave missed it reports Vaccine distribution is underway, but it could be months before the shots will be widely available. The 330,000 deaths represent roughly one American and every 1000, the first Korean virus related death in the country occurred his earliest February In recent days, Deaths have repeatedly talked more than 3000. Public health officials hope vaccines will quell the spread of the virus. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says more than 1.9 million people have so far received the first dose of the vaccine. Since the shots began being distributed nearly two weeks ago. Even with the help of vaccines, researchers at the University of Washington's Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation Project that the U. S could see more than half a million coronaviruses deaths by April 1st. They've missed each. NPR news on Wall Street stock futures are trading higher. Asian markets traded mixed You're listening to NPR news in Washington. Public health officials are likely to extend to stay at home orders in parts of California hit hardest by a surge of new Corona virus infections. Hospitals in the central and southern part of the state are running out of intensive care beds. Officials fear the surge will worsen as people return from traveling after Christmas and New Year's. Infections in California exceeded two million. Last week. One of the nine wounded survivors of the 1970 shootings at Kent State University in Ohio has died. Compare Obadiah from member station wks Yu reports. Alan Canfora was a student 50 years ago when National Guardsmen opened fire during anti war protests. Wounding nine students and killing for since then he's pushed for justice and recognition from the university of what happened earlier this year. During what would have been the 50th anniversary of the shootings, Canfora said he always felt he could have done more. The central mystery has always there. Why did the guard fire? He said. He fired in self defense, so I think that's what I'm focused on. And I think that's what we're gonna have to do going forward so we can just literally give it of the cover up of murder can escape. Canfora sister confirmed his death from natural causes. He was 71 for NPR news. I'm Kabeer Bhatia. Authorities in Illinois have charged a member of the U. S. Army Special forces with opening fire and killing three people at a bowling alley Saturday night. Police in Rockford say the shooting appears to have been a random attack. Two others were wounded I. Winter Johnston NPR News in Washington. Support for NPR comes from NPR stations. Other contributors include the Walton Family Foundation, working to solve social and environmental problems to improve lives today and benefit future generations. More information at Walton family foundation dot or g'kar. Good morning. It's six minutes after four o'clock, I'm Jean Marie Coming up. On morning edition, President Trump signed the coronavirus relief aid and government spending package after demanding last minute changes that put the deal in limbo. Congress passed the legislation last week. Also here in California hospitals are overwhelmed and asking nurses to care for more patients at once than they normally would. It's taking a toll. Now. Some nurses worry those demands may become the norm. We'll hear those stories coming up in a minute here on KQED and then later this morning on KQED science. In October. The glass fire pushed thousands of people out of their homes, many of them older and some lived alone. Most have returned home, but evacuation brings trauma and that trauma can linger. Take you. Edie. Science reporter Molly Peterson has the story of one senior in Santa Rosa. That's this morning at 6 22 and 8 22 here on KQED Public radio. Your National Weather Service forecast for this Monday..

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