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All right. So full disclosure, I don't read these questions. I put on the spot with favorite movie and is always hard, but we're going to go with boondock saints. All right. Stop yourself for John. I'll go. I'll goes Indiana Jones in the last crusade. That movie is phenomenal. Don't at me at Jayhawk. Eleven what's gonna at can't after this is over this. What are you? Kidding me? The third best? No Jones. Okay. Now we're only one that's better than with Shiloh buff. Okay. Now we're really the nerds, right? The nerd Twitter will say, the nerd squad is over. Or the best movie of us three. Yeah. No, we're setting a pull up poll until you finish. The last hole is definitely going Jones movie. Are you kidding me? I don't even want to. We've got so many questions and like Matt literally is going to turn this into like a three hour show if I don't get going, but we're, we're, we're fighting later at Jay hawk eleven eight, asks the narrative about keeping Bob centered around, equipping him with contributors and players to fit his scheme. He got Hitchens DOD and speaks scheme fits. Things are worse. How are these poor performances? Not sticking to him. Now blame the injuries. So it's tricky not being in the room, how many of these guys were drafted or brought in specifically to fit Bob scheme and how many were brought in drafted because the talent evaluators like them. Like obviously, there's a little bit of a crossover when they get together, you're not going to draft somebody that the defensive coordinator sees no use for and vice versa. But at the same time, some of these moves clearly don't fit Bob scheme that great. And yet they're still here. So I do think he's working with limited personnel group right now. Now that still does not excuse some of his ridiculous decision making that we saw, especially in this last game. So I'm not letting him off the hook by any means. I don't think Bob sons a bad coordinator, I think is time in Kansas City's just kind of run its course at this point in time. I don't see how you rebound with Bob Sutton is your defensive coordinator going forward..

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