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Thanksgiving particular particularly to our next guest ESPN NFL analyst Damien woody joining us would be happy thanksgiving my friend I hope you a find an opportunity to eat a bunch of food and I hope you'll also embrace my heart take the pie is not good but I turn your my goal Damien woody is a guy who truly understands who we are around here so well that's right when I was busy sucking on my job right there Damian was trying to help me get to a place right as Jamie what is your thought on I'm a big fan of pot along with a lot of the things on thanksgiving so I know you listen I throughout the whole sweet potato pie thing in trade you know we got into a brief like literally train when was my dog and we got to obey flat panel Twitter over pumpkin pies and sweet potato pie so you know sometimes is like that I mean sweet potato all all pies bad as we've been televised clearly better than pumpkin pie pumpkin pie versus sweet potato pie to me is like one Long Island Staten Island refining all right so what do you let's ask you about some actual football we got a triple header today we've been talking a lot about the cowboys so if your in the cowboys' locker room right now and you're watching all of this chasing Gerrit stuff unfold what is it duty or focus nothing because it is little you have no control over you don't have any control what the media says or what anyone else says about you know Jason Garrett in his job security issue all you can do is go out there one of football game against a very good opponent in buffalo bill's arm you know I've said everyone is talking knows about the fact that Dallas Cowboys haven't beaten a winning team I think they don't want one for the season against winning football teams but I got a chance against a a bill steam this game three that's are looking pretty good so you can worry about all the outside distractions about you know things that don't matter Gordon won the football game I could see the lead up into seeks Damien and specifically now looking forward to one of the games that we've been could also be compelling today in the saints falcons a team that you just saw not too long ago if you're the saints drew Brees accompany embarrassed by the PO's bye week falcons how do you turn around that quickly something so unique to the NFL against an opponent like that you see in the division well I think actually I think that works in the same space for the fact that you got you just play this team got embarrassed now you will see him again so you know if you're in New Orleans Saints drew Brees in company should be they should be faced in the war on the Atlanta Falcons in this game is a you know big time getting you got a chance to go into a Lana and and problems got wanna see drew Brees really start get the staying home and especially as we get towards the the post season all because the phase difference it is plenty good enough that office once the office really starts clicking the space will be right the mixes for the end of C. T. C. teams this bar for Superbowl spot is beautiful analysts Damon will be joining us right now and you go back to the cowboys game in the them being a team then it all year with a winning record and the bills have that is not the prettiest team in the world what is the recipe for success with this cowboys team to be able to get the victory today I think I think Tom a possession Bobby is going to be a big component of for this all for the Dallas Cowboys on the defense hasn't played up to par what we saw last year from them and be part of that is they haven't been able to run the football as you know they haven't been able to impose their will like the like they have like they did last year all I think they need to get back to doing some of that controlled Clark time of possession hope you defense keeping them fresh of that too that to me is going to be the recipe if the Dallas Cowboys want to have a long you don't want to be in the middle room deep run into the post season that's the aspect to me that they need to really pick up because decal Prescott is clearly playing the best football is career but they need to get the other aspect going we're talking to Damien woody on goal can we go ESPN radio ESPN two Jason fits Michael junior Bobby carpenter into the guys I do want to ask you about one other team that we're gonna have eyes on today and that's the bears woody when the when this season is said and done for Chicago what are they gonna look back is what the reason that this went wrong well I think squarely mission should be issues will be is going to be in the mix is this is the guy who you know came awful last season you know just made a huge leap from you want to get to and quite honestly just made the probably the biggest slot from you to do your three this is a team that has a championship caliber defense won the best defense in the National Football League but the quarterback play has just been awful for the from Chicago Bears and I think met Maggie hold some responsibility as far as message biscuits play but when it's all said and done at the end of season they will have to make a decision on the quarterback position talking to Damien woody Wilson shell pens are performance line Damien the Steelers made a decision they're gonna start doc Hodges this weekend against the Browns in a rematch after everything that happened what miles Garrett so you played offense of line in this league for a long time marquise pounds he's gonna be out for this game but Larry okay Jovi on that other side for the Browns the line is going to be back in it so take me the O. line from those meetings leading up to that game this week on I just what's being said as they get ready for this one well listen you know obvious I don't think is is is really about exacting revenge you want impose your will but quite honestly you got two teams battle for wildcard spot you don't have any time to go out there and and try to look up the guy or anything like that you just don't want a football game you know both of these teams have a lot of work to do to try to get to that that six and and final playoff spot in the AFC so as much as we in the media wants to talk about the rematch and everything that transpired in the last match up is more important as far as those things concern to just find a way to win a football game to keep their playoff hopes alive you guys can follow him on Twitter at Damien woody woody just remember anything by can do que can do better we appreciate you my friend have a acting all right same to you guys it it is going to be that Steelers game and I know we'll get into that some tomorrow but the the Browns Steelers game what he just made a great point that we need to keep hammering home as much as we could talk about the most behind of the revenge behind it all of those other things let's remember the Steelers are sitting squarely in a playoff spot opportunity that they have too much to play for to roll the dice and stupid and so will the Browns like this game is going to go a long way in deciding that second AFC wild card spot behind the bills we're talking me the raiders wildcard spot perfect awesome okay it's Thursday you know what time it is you know what time that means it is it okay time we'll do that after this is been waiting for this moment all data on load continue to unload one of these truly awful takes but first we're gonna talk about Pellicano high talk from.

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