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Co-ord- yeah yeah. Of course it was one of my favorite matchups Yeah so i take back can't aldwych and mechanics called cortes other one another first-timer this is moving. Twenty-one thank you Patty versus jeremy stevens and then another assegai rowntree versus entra teuku Yeah i mean to stevens. Yeah gosh. I don't know all right Dalton kanzi read his response on the show. Saying that we were right about darren till elbow slash not really knocked down thing Tristen gorgets are for interesting. Gordon oh boy welterweight morona versus means. Let's go the wildcard julia. Rosa versus darren elkins. That's just an insane fight Had elkins facing skelly at first. But skelly facing mitra zano on october ninth. Patty pimlott versus drew dover tristan gordon says. Here's his explanation. Yes mike. let's throw patty right into the fire. Dober- can't say no because on to fight. Skit and i think the ufc will not slow. Roll this guy. They're gonna try to capitalize on his star. Power immediately drew dover. I i agree. They're gonna start power. I just don't think that's the way to do it. Yeah i i agree with the sentiment that he is going to get probably pushed up pretty quickly just not that far not that far by robbie ryan checking in from queensland australia you blokes. Let's move onto the next one's till you're hall adenoviruses verses the walt harris tied to vasa winner okay. Patty pimm verse marsha casey. I don't dislike that one that much. I think that's an okay. Fight if they can make it and then wow rowntree versus the winner of jimmy crew versus jamal hill. I would like to see that has not been rebooked. Officially i mean according to social media and those guys it seems like it got pushed back. talk tober but i don't know that was the last time i don't think that's been i. I will say. I am going by typology. See i i will say tomorrow the bible so i don't see booked yet but i guess people are talking about. Yeah they they went back and forth. Jamail was talking about about it. Being booked Our friend jaren kuwata. We i wouldn't say we call them out last week about how to submit picks but it was actually more of a learning tool everybody else. Who's who's new to the show. How to 'edu-tainment. Thanks to the embarrassing shout. Get my fixing on time next week. He suggests arosa versus banana or short verses. You die like that. Alex versus michelle beheira interesting. I lost thrown out the doors. Name all over the place. What was it last week last week. It was They wanted him for someone who had a big win. All like daniela rigas. And like i don't know guys because you're gonna pull them more thought. I love sheltered. Etta loved them all the door. You just gonna put a little more thought into these matchups all right. That's i think just throwing it out. There malia canvas ajar eubanks domain that patty versus. Mike davis no way mike. Speaking of underappreciated fighters. Mike davis is he is dangerous. Man i think mason jones when makes the who mike davis beat jones makes more sensitive christian. Lee agrees darren till versus kevin holland Win or lose so he's right there with you the answer. It's rough. I still believe until. I still think he's a contender at one. Eighty five or one seventy brunson put the top pressure on both guys so they can prefight bond over that. I think this this christine. Leary's description li. Yep thank you my cousin thank you yes i think. They both have similar strengths..

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