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Off to the races for like. I don't know fifty our game so i think did not years is number one for me because he can create in. That's something that did not have james connor. James connor was not a creator of running back. He needed a whole. He was a one cut. Downhill runner vision was not his forte. That's not the same with nausea iras. Ninety harris has great vision. He has great burst. Great lateral speed. The only thing he lacks is the breakaway speed. But still for me. I have harassed but again. We're talking about number two and number one the one number two. They're both really important. I mean i don't. I don't think the weedy distress that anymore is very very important. All right we can bring this up again for another topic another time and we were gonna talk about undrafted free agents but we went long. We need to get through trivia in all this other stuff. Okay so let's do that first. Let's get to the trivia. Dave you ready. Yes all right here. We got the trivia. it's i had. I was looking up some stuff. Because of a discussion. That i that i was having and looking at what. The steelers lost in the secondary versus. What they what they possibly have as a replacement now. Because of this. I had to take pierre out of the equation because there just wasn't enough of a sample size for him to where it could really skewed numbers. You kinda got to have a little bit of a of a sample size. But i was going through some stats that somebody else had brought up. And i was comparing three players from the steelers secondary and it was a camp sodden. Mike hilton steven nelson. So what i'm gonna do. Is i'm gonna give you a category. And this is based on twenty twenty only of who you think out of these. Three players had the best attested in this category sudden hilton or nelson. Does that make sense. Okay so missed tackles. Who do you think was best at missed. Not having as many missed tackles who had the most missed tackles the least miss tackle. Okay so the best tackler of the person who is least likely to miss tackle okay. I'm actually going to go with cam sutton. Brian in my first inclination is to say. Mike helton. But i agree with jeff. My answer is cam sutton. The answer was do steven nelson now. These are all. According to pro football reference. He had four missed tackles and they take out. Their percentage they do miss tackles versus the number of catholics. You add he had so we had a seven point. Seven percent missed tackles sutton was next. You only have one more missed tackle than what else did it five. But it ended up being fourteen point. Three percent fewer tackles and mike. Hilton was at eleven tackles last year of a seventy seven percent. Yes all right next yards per completion. Who do you think are the lowest yards per completion with us three yards per completion. I'm going to go with hilton. I'm going to go with sutton yards per completion. The fewest was. Mike killed with nine point two. Then it was cameras sutton with three and then steven nelson with twelve point. Eight the next one. This one's who do you think had the lowest quarterback rating surrendered. I'm gonna go a sudden. I'm right in sutton. He's gotta do. Something was the lowest. Was mike hilton at sixty point to sutton at seventy nine point. Eight and third was nelson at ninety seven point o. reading every time. And that's the thing it's not always been how you know and people like all they're such a big drop off with cam sudden he's right there with both of these guys he's usually better than one and not as good as the other in most of these categories okay and how many of these categories because he didn't play as much as it impact as well. That's what i'm trying to make. Sure that it that it all comes in averages and stuff like that. So here's this one. How about the number of touchdown surrendered versus the number of times. That player was targeted. You know obviously if you have twice as many targets you should give up twice in my touch. Who do you think you gave up the fewest touchdowns per targets between sudden hilton good nelson. That was my pick. Nelson finally went away from a brian. Can't sutton sutton gave one touchdown on fifty six targets. Where my kill gave up one touchdown on forty five targets. So cam sutton actually targeted more than my kill kim. So that's why it was fewer touchdowns for target. Now this is a debatable number. So much so that steven nelson self debated this number with me. And i understand that this but this was the pro football reference numbers. I'll just go back. Steven nelson was credited with giving up seven touchdowns last year seven touchdowns of ninety eight targets. So that was way down okay. I've got two more completion percentage who gave up the fewest number of completion. But the the you completions per target who had the lowest completion percentage sudden hilton or nelson sudden. Let's go with hilton. It would be steven nelson that it was camp sutton and sixty point seven and my kiln at sixty four point. Four and these were all categories. That were brought up by someone else to tell me why that why camp sutton is. Not the person to take over there yet. Sutton was not last in any of these. Between these three players. In any of these categories he was not last was first or second so he was better than one of those players. And all these now. It's.

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