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Back, America to Hewitt. I'm going to be watching part of the testimony today from an airline airplane lounge and part of the testimony today from thirty thousand feet, I'll miss some of it. When you take off you got to get up to thirty thousand feet before the doggone internet works. But I'll be watching as much as I can. And I'll read the transcripts, but of course, what will matter is by the end of the day opinion. Well of harden. I'm here. I know that senators driving in today are listening, and here's what I have to say to you. You haven't moral obligation to probe hard. The allegations made by Dr Ford and the denials made by judge Cavanaugh because unless both are put under equal amounts of scrutiny. An objective. Observer could not be a balancing judge of who's telling the truth. There is also an obligation to bring forward all of the evidence that matters now the Washington Examiner. I read from their story this morning. Senate Judiciary committee staffers has spoken to two men who separately claim that they could be the one described by Christine Blasi Ford, not supreme court nominee. Brad Kavanagh aides or Senate Judiciary committee chairman check Grassley met with the one with one of the men Monday after he sent them a written statement asserting quote, he had an encounter with Dr Ford and Nike to according to a summary of the panel's efforts to investigate Ford's allegation. They then interviewed the unidentified, man. A second time before obtaining a more in-depth written account from him on Wednesday the committee's investigative staff on Wednesday. Additionally, spoke on the telephone with another man claiming he was the man described by Ford Grassley summary, continued cavenaugh as accused of drunkenly taking Dr Ford Blasi into a bedroom during a Maryland high school house party in the eighties where he groped her tried to remove her clothes. She says and previous statements that she was able to extricate yourself when Kavanagh's friend Mark judge jumped on the bed. Judges denied the allegation the people named in this denied the allegation Kavanagh's denied the allegation. There is no way to corroborate this. There is no corroborating evidence. Remember when you hear corroborating evidence? There is none zero corroborating evidence. There are statements that Dr Ford Blasi told her husband in twenty twelve that she'd been attacked long ago. And the name was attached either in two thousand twelve or twenty sixteen seventeen in statements to France, not to her therapist, and the therapist's notes have been I think produced background on the polygraph tests have not been produced some has been it's a mess, but the bottom line of it is that. It's it's going to be a assessment of credibility. Joey, sweat, Nick. Who is Michael avenue? Client has been. Put under the microscope in the last twenty four hours, and there are very very grave reasons to doubt her credibility. Very very grave reason to doubt her credibility. I do not believe she got a hold up. The I believe tomorrow they're going to move it to the floor. I believe Jeff flake is going. It's very best to listen with open ears. But that he knows you can't allow the United States Senate and the United States to deny due process on the basis of thirty years recovered recollection, especially when there's competing evidence. These these two accounts. I was the guy the guy that sort of stuff that just makes it so much harder to move forward. And I believe let me also tight Mitch McConnell is planning to keep the session the Senate in session over the weekend. Bravo, mitch. Again, proving most effective majority leader the Republicans have ever had in either house of congress in my lifetime. Mitch mcconnell. That's the guy. He's gonna keep them there on Saturday and Sunday, and they expect a vote on Monday. I think he's going to be confirmed. But if it all fell apart today, judge cavenaugh broke down and admitted that he was the one that kind of moment, that's not gonna happen. All you're gonna have to do is way your credibility. And I believe at the end of the day we are moving forward Friday and Monday. Also moving forward don't touch my Medicare dot com. Brand new sponsored the program brought to you by amac. Amac represents seniors. Seventy Democrats have a Bill on the floor that would turn Medicare and to socialize medicine. A third of the Democrats in the Senate support a similar Bill being pushed by Bernie Sanders kids would enroll in Medicare at birth under the plans to destroy our economy, Bloomberg reported the.

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