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David Bowie will be asked to step down. I just want him to talk to the police. Why is he refusing to talk to the Wauwatosa Police department as they investigate this incident? Can we at least get the Democratic caucus to ask him to talk to police? Would it be too much for? I don't know. Anybody to condemn his actions. Mayor Barrett Anybody I know bear. It's busy presiding over Ah Democratic convention that is most assuredly not in his city. But still coming up after the top of the hour News, Joe Biden, six decades of racism clips, you probably have never heard before, and almost certainly will never hear again from Biden's long history. With bigoted language and even Mohr bigoted policies from 1973 when he was first inaugurated straight through to today in every decade. There is a racist action. There is a racist comment. There is a clear pattern of bigotry coming from Joe Biden that up until very, very recently. Even his Democratic colleagues, including Camilla Harris is now running mate. Noticed right now, though, Let's get your unhinged liberal of the day from three Nazi Germany is dangerous because he's evil. A subcommittee of the conference on College Composition and Communication, which is part of the National Council of Teachers of English That's a mouthful is calling for an end to the English language. Why? Because it's racist, at least white mainstream. English is a statement called for the end to white mainstream English, according to the college fix, arguing such an action. Would d calling I students minds in the English language, as well as help students unlearned white supremacy. The demands were written by five English professors and writing scholar and the document is titled This Ate another statement. This is a demand for black linguistic justice. The language of black students has been monitored, dismissed, demonized and taught from the positioning, but using standard English and academic language means success. The professor has added that such a setup creates a climate of racialized inferiority toward black language and black humanity. Roughly 3000 words statement Emphasises five main points as solutions. We demand that you notice there is no longer we humbly request we demand what they Did they? Did They take a couple of words hostage and are now demanding a ransom. What's going on? Oh, you.

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