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That has to do with John lovitz, a live kitten in a loaf of bread. Oh my God. This is the last time you were in studio about four years ago and I was doing interviews with you in the green room. And I brought up the adventures of Ford fairlane to you. And the role was lieutenant Amos. And then you and I sang booty time together. And that was one of the highlights of my life or not. I'm not going to lie to you about that. That was a funny show to do. I mean, that show was crazy. I mean, no one knew what was going on in that show. You in dice clay. Me and dice clay, I mean, clay was, he was out there, you know? You got to really fast clay story. You got to have something for us. Well, you know that, no, but I brought my father to the set one day. My father was visiting me. We were in Malibu. And I thought, well, I want to introduce some of the dice. I don't even know if he knew who dice was, but dice walked out of the set and I said, hey, thanks. Come here. I want you to meet my dad. Oh, yeah, very this is my father. And he said, hey, hey, hey. Hey, do you want to hear my impression of a perfect date? And my dad said, yeah, and he went, get out. Interview, everybody. 500 Joe. Ed, you are a gym. You are the greatest. I put you on the spot to come on and I'm so glad I did. Thank you so much. Thank you. Hey Marshall, it's a really honestly a real pleasure to meet you. Likewise, man. Likewise, big fan of yours. I'm gonna make him come to dinner. That'll be it. That'll be, that'll be the four time I promise you. The greatest. Here on the rich eisen show. I mean, honestly, you guys are welcome. Welcome Susie, I gotta buy a new laptop now because I got mimosa all over it. TJ, I've never seen you doubling over like that. I love it when people play roles and it fits into their real personality. Like a lot of the roles that he played. He's our buddy. Right. See, is he Susie? Is he really out Bundy? He's the kindest guy. It doesn't seem like he really kindest nicest and kind of eye guy that there is. We're gonna talk more about the great Adam Neal when we come back, we're gonna rack up this edition of the rich eisen show. Don't you go anywhere else, no more Chris Farley stories though. If you miss any of the show and this was one

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