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Knew it was something. That i kinda felt right away when i walked in the room and looked at nick in you. Get to know your person pretty well. I think you're the best advocate for your person in the hospital and Throughout this battle. I could tell that nick was fighting. I could tell with. He was with me and working on doing as much as he possibly could stay with us. And i walked in that day and there was sort of a energy shift that i felt in him in the room and everything and then it was one of our one of our favourite doctors. She was a woman that was with us from the beginning and she was a mother in so leslie next mom i really just loved her and trusted her a lot and appreciated her sincere bedside manner and she took a outside the roman and she said something which hadn't been said to us. It was in our face every day. We were looking at it every day. But nobody had said it to us and she said No one has said this to you. I am telling you this. Because maybe nick said something like this to you. Amanda in you know your talks about life she said nick is on one hundred percent life support right now. There is nothing he is doing on his own. It is all his body is being run by machines and his body can't keep up and in a world we're maxed out on everything and if that means anything to you if you could ever talked about if it gets to that point in life i'm saying this to you now. Nobody had said that to us. It hit leslie a ton of bricks. That was definitely like the moment where we both knew that it was time to say goodbye. But also when you're young and healthy and in love and he just had a baby. I feel like he don't talk about those things. I don't think my husband. And i have talked with them. No we still don't have will. We're the work we didn't either. No we didn't have a will nick knight and never. Well no you guys. You think nothing's going to happen in saying gain. Oh we'll get around to life. Get so busy. I'll get allow all around to it and you'll do it. We'll do it. I know gosh she's still going to do it. And so no you. Don't and i mean the only the only reason why naked i had had that conversation was because a good friend of his was in that position and is still in that position and or at the time was and so we had talked about it we had talked about. Would you want to be living in a hospital with your body. Run on machines able to move. Is that something that we would want in our lives and we both looked at each other that day said. Oh my gosh mel please please please please. Don't don't do that to me when it was said to allow and knowing that we had really exhausted all options knowing that we had fought we had tried. We had done everything we possibly could do. And that just this vicious cycle was not only getting better was just continually getting worse it was. It was very clear that day. Amanda finally got the approval. She needed for elvis to come into the room and see his father for ten minutes looking at nick. She knew that it would be the last time they would ever be together as a family. She piled their three hands on top of one. Another elvis giggled and amanda hoped. It could hear it that battle of trying to get all this end and as a mother and at knowing neck. You know that's right but you're also like no no. Let me do what i need to do. And what i wanna do for neck and neck would want so that day the july fourth day. They finally let me bring. Elvis said for literally ten minutes. But i was thankful for every single one of them just so that they could say goodbye. I don't know if they could hear elvis or could see elvis Elvis there was no recognition from him. That he did and again. Elvis was just turned a year. So i couldn't really tell from elvis anything either but at least that moment happens and that's what meant a lot to me at that moment happened. The doctors told amanda that nick was on one hundred percent. Life support that. What they were doing to his body was no longer causing more good than harm manda kept holding his hand rubbed his head told him she loved him she prayed. She played the music that he loved. They took him off the last machine. Be endo's next life. Those what happened there. It's a lot and i. I didn't talk about it when it happened. I it is now in this book so in my opinion very beautiful way to pass so i encourage people to pick up the book and read about it. There's so much in there that too much to stay on an interview but it. It was a beautiful.

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