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Is one of the things i wanted was to reduce click to base at the fair with that necessarily mean that people conservative in what they did bring because then they would be more guaranteed to sell. Yes absolutely i think for me. Often limited was the first. Let's say not the only one but was the bellwether fat because it opens opens on the monday evening before the main fabric the following day auto limited show mr listeners. Know but just in case you. Don't it's a warehouse space and it's used for very large scale works so could be very big sculpture. Very large paintings often has a lot of video. And it's going to be an early or something up also says it's curated but it's not curated in the way of being is curated so the route themes running through. It does depend what the data's have decided to bring but it can vary from some very very exciting out there installations. You could even have very long video. Just gives a flavor of what people feel is like sell. And i think the thing that was very noticeable. Some years it's very risk-taking some years. It is full auto ferry largest relations. That might have a lot of digital elements incorporated. You could have big videos long videos difficult videos and people are really showing them to show their program. This time. i thought it actually looks really good because it is surprisingly large amount of minimal. Older artists establish masters. Who look very good in this kind of space. So there was a huge. Dan flavin pink. Dan flavin from nine hundred. Seventy four in the middle. The john chamberlain. It's not one of the crushed cars. It's like this huge of tinfoil structure and know it looks absolutely great in there. There's a pink sort of set of pink minimal canvases by tourists baletic. But i just kept thinking. Gosh there's a lot of classic americans hair. There's a lot of mid-century italians here. There's a really fantastic installation of works. By sherrie levine reflect graphs other artists. And this one is cooled off to wrestle lee. Now it's actually quite a more recent work. But when i think of sherrie levine. I think to the seventies early eighties. It's actually so that runs throughout unlimited. A few people have been a little bit more experimental say lawrence. Abby hamdam sound installation installed but by and large. I'm not saying it looks like deer that would be aggrandizing auto limited but it definitely has an odor dare if you notice. I mean it's really curious because of course the fact that this is happening is a landmark moment because the major fairs we had we had the armory. Just have the armory in new york for instance. But you know so. Many major fair postponements. It's been the sort of crisis area of the market really. Does it feel to you like there's a sort of general sense in which this is getting back to normal. What does it feel more like. They still this'll tyrannous. They're still the sense that we're not sure what's coming next. People like this is the first step towards normality. I would say this is the first step towards normality. Actually i think what i would start by was people with very very happy to be back in the fair. The was a bit of a sense of the number of people said it back to school reunion because so many of us there. It was much easier to see people. You know your friends you know. It was also easier to talk to people. You didn't so. I found that i could go up and talk to galleries that i didn't know tool and people were very friendly. Very happy to speak..

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