Congressman, Sheryl Atkinson, Sousa discussed on Rush Limbaugh


The eib network we have some great yesterday to we have congressman jim jordan one of the co founders of the freedom caucus coming in at twelve thirty and then later in the show we have one of the true investigative journalist of generation i'm talking about james o'keefe i can't say enough about this man or his books i just finished reading his last book called american pravda it is a wonderful wakeup call and i don't want to spend too much time promoting it now because all promoted in the next hour but i gotta tell you it's a must read for everybody studying journalism there's so much going on behind the scenes so much going on with these folks that are not in the mainstream anymore the sheryl atkinson's james o'keefe the national sousa all these people that have really drill deep into what the heck's going on during the obama administration and now during the trump administration and you know if if it doesn't fit the agenda two doesn't get talked about boasts nearly was unable to get stormy daniels on the show but it's it's all right i think we've had enough as stormy did did you say that on the air eight hundred two eight to twenty eight eighty to one of the most remarkable things besides the fact that sixty minutes spends more time on a porn star making accusations of.

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